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  1. I'm located in downtown Toronto. Message me if you'd like to ride together sometime!
  2. That's true! A tricycle does look cooler than a mobility scooter!
  3. Maybe slaloming was too strong of a word to use here. By slaloming, I only mean the act of passing people on the left or the right. I always silently stalk behind pedestrians slowly if there isn't enough space, then I pass them just barely faster than they're walking while leaving a wide enough a wide berth in case they change directions. But seriously, these are thoughtful answers. Thanks, dudes.
  4. Anyone have favourite urban trails? Or if you really enjoy living on the edge, we can spot each other as we learn to curb jump.
  5. The weather is finally nice enough for comfortable riding outside! I feel like I'm playing a video game when I'm easily slaloming between pedestrians, except in a video game nobody is watching you. Here, everyone is staring and often people talk about you as you pass by! It's exhilarating and simultaneously terrifying. Should I smile or wave at staring pedestrians? But I don't want to seem like a showoff by being overly eager. Should I act casual by ignoring pedestrians? But I don't want to seem snobby when I've obviously heard someone exclaim their amazement. What do you think
  6. If someone gets the EUC quickly, it's because they have spent countless hours falling off something else. It's not really fair to compare your learning time with people who did other balance sports. A week or two to learn to ride straight is very normal. It takes even more time to get comfortable with turning and obstacles. Also, check out the ages of the riders here! There are all ages!
  7. The training wheels can help you get used to the feeling of controlling the motor in that first 10-40 minutes, but you won't get any better with them on because they don't let the wheel tilt. When you first practice, you'll learn how to use big movements to recover your balance when your wheel wobbles by constantly using wide turns to catch yourself when you're about to fall. Allowing your wheel to tilt steeply is actually an advantage to learning because it gives you more time to adjust your balance. Gradually, you can make those balance adjusting movements smaller as you get more precise.
  8. Skylightica


    @Paul Panait That looks NICE!!! Once I'm better at riding, I'd like to make a case than can expose more of the Zero as well. I haven't been able to find your type of weatherstripping yet, but seeing your photos makes me want to renew my search. I noticed you removed the rubber on the bottom half of the Zero's side, and around the white centre strip. Yet the centre strip is still perfectly clean. You must be skilled to not drop it on the center strip. What kind of glue/tape did you use? You managed to remove it cleanly! Also, can you get enough friction to jump?
  9. Skylightica


    Need inspiration for a nice colour combination? http://www.colourlovers.com/copaso/ColorPaletteSoftware 1) Set saturation (S) and lightness (V) to 100. 2) Set hue (H) anywhere. 3) Choose "Tetrad". 4) Check out your 4-colour palette, mathematically guaranteed to look awesome together. Drag the hue up and down for more choices. Optional: If you want the exact number for the hue to use on your precious Zero's iOS app, single click (5) and double click (4) to read the hue value beneath the bar at (2). @playdad It's more like, "wow, you did a whole 5 k
  10. Skylightica


    Just an amazing discovery today. The lighting colours on the IPS Zero are customizable! On every lighting setting except Atmosphere (i.e. Breathe, Meteor, Waterfall, Carousel, etc...), holding down the lighting setting will bring up a colour palette allowing you to customize the four colours for that setting. By default, they are set to red, yellow, green, and blue, but you can easily change that to variety of subtle hues. It works on both the android and iOS app.
  11. Interesting. How often do you see EUCs and hoverboards in China? Which you think is more popular in general, total number of sales wise, not just the numbers you see on the streets?
  12. I agree that the Inventist is now too behind in the EUC technology and have likely already lost too much the market to make improving the Solowheel to compete with the other major brands a good business strategy. I'm saying that it would be good for him to win for a ) fairness' sake, and b ) to not be an example where spending on R&D makes for a losing business strategy because everyone will just use what you had to learn the hard way. These guys have essentially created a skateboard on a small EUC and estimates $10,000 per unit to manufacture it in the USA. Here's their long post des
  13. Something clicked today and I figured out how to consistently ride 4 meters on my right leg! This is what worked for me. If you're more comfortable controlling with your left leg, just reverse the instructions. - Tie your shoes tightly, make sure your pedals have grip and your feet feet don't slide inside your shoes. - Place your right foot as close to the wheel as possible and bend your right knee, placing your right knee on top or slightly ahead of your right toes. - Tilt the wheel slightly to the left - Bend your body at the hips, and lean your upper body forward and to th
  14. Stars on a platoon of multicoloured helmets! Mmmm. Where have I seen that before? . . . (I'm just kidding, those helmets look great.)
  15. Excellent question! If the injury convinced you to go slower or wear more protection next time, then it counts as an injury. If you're still riding at the same speed and wearing the same protection, then you're saying that you don't mind that it could happen again, so it doesn't couldn't count as an injury. (Or if you think the average person would not tolerate that kind of suffering.) The definition is up to the voter. For example, personally I wouldn't count bruises or scrapes that take a few days to heal as an injury. But I would count any kind of face or head damage as an injury becaus
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