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  1. @HunkaHunkaBurningLove - Great pic of the Falls! I am selling the EU for a couple of reasons--(1) The whole "parking" thing just doesn't fit well with my life and commute for which I hoped to use it. It's way easier to deal with a bike, from this perspective. (2) I feel safer going fast on a bike because there is a better way to brake in a hurry--on the EU, as far as I can tell, you had better just avoid the need to brake in a hurry--but if you're trying to use it to commute in a city of some density, I don't find that safe enough. All in all, it was fun to learn to ride and I do enjoy i
  2. Hope I'm not out of line here, but I just edited my post in private sales to indicate a reduced price. I can't seem to bump it up, though, and I had so little interest there I thought I'd alert folks here. Again, apologies if I've violated a rule.
  3. Hmmm. I'm not sure I would make that great of a claim for it. I didn't get the trolley handle until I had just about mastered it. I ride around with the handle collapsed (I can't see how you could ride around with it fully up/extended). I'm no expert and periodically have to hop off in a hurry and at those times I do catch it by the handle and then promptly extend the handle so I can wheel it. Honestly I don't think it fell over that much even when I was learning, but that's probably because (1) I'm incredibly cautious and slow about these things and (2) when I had to hop off, I'd run after it
  4. Lightly used and extremely reliable Ninebot One C+ for sale in Portland, Oregon. Purchased new from Forward CA this spring and has traveled less than 50 miles. It has never bricked up on me, had a battery failure, or anything like that. I did have trouble getting it to charge at one point, and Forward promptly sent me a new charger, which works fine. It has a few dings but nothing outrageous, I kept it pretty well padded while learning. I have added the bracket and trolley handle. I busted one trolley handle in a crash and replaced it with a new trolley handle. This means I also have the new b
  5. I also got the trolley handle so I could roll the bot to a park to practice.
  6. That is an awesome idea. Then again, maybe I need one of those tubes for my middle .... In the interim, I went ahead and had a local seamstress make a cover for me. It turned out wonderfully, and she was fast. She took a picture and posted it on her etsy store, in case any of you are interested in getting one from her: https://www.etsy.com/listing/279081224/nylon-nondescript-cover-for-electric I also have more pictures if any of you want to see (and so does she).
  7. Thanks so much for the tips, guys. I think the wheel clamp poses the same problems as a U lock or similar-where/how would you stick it? But I'm thinking some combination of alarm plus ineffective lock might work well enough:
  8. I'm sure folks have given a great deal of thought to this, but has anyone come up with a way to lock down his/her wheel? When I got it, I thought, oh, I can lock it with the app ... but that seems to me to leave the wheel on, which doesn't seem great for battery life, and of course, it doesn't stop someone from carrying it away. I think others have mentioned here that you could put a cable through the trolley handle bracket, and then of course someone could just unscrew the bracket, but at least you'd have some initial deterrence. Has anyone come up with anything else? I never thought I'd say
  9. Ok, I just posted it on Etsy. Hopefully I'll have something to show you all before too long.
  10. I currently have a broken trolley handle for my NB and find it very useful--so much that I'm waiting on a replacement. Since I am trying to use it to commute, I like the ability to hop off, walk it for a short distance in crowded/not-so-safe-for-me-to-ride place, and then hop back on for a bit. But I've been thinking what I'd really like is some kind of sleeve, jacket, or cover that I could slip on over the handle and the wheel so the handle would stick out and then I could just trolley the wheel about and have it look like a small wheeled suitcase or backpack (and not attract so much attentio
  11. Hi @Sidestreet Reny, I do not know anyone else with any kind of eu here. I did see a woman riding one once, which is how I learned that they exist. I sometimes wonder if I actually saw another woman given that it feels like I am the only woman on this forum, and when I ride around, little kids invariably assume I am a guy (I have fairly short hair and I guess they just think no one's mom is crazy enough to try such a thing). I just looked at your videos and I do not think we could go for a ride together, LOL. But maybe you could give me some advice :).
  12. I'm glad I found this thread - just managed to do my round trip commute for the first time but crashed at the end and killed the trolley handle ... grrr. I could have avoided this if I'd have pulled it out and stuck it in a backpack but I wanted to go without the backpack as it's a beautiful sunny day here. It sounds like it's worth buying the sturdier one.
  13. Thanks! I did end up trying a bit of isopropanol without any success and then found some orange type cleaner (with limonene as a leading ingredient) and that worked beautifully. My 12 year old son saw the wheel when I was done, and burst out, "Sleek, Mom!"
  14. But wouldn't this be riskier because if you've already plugged into the wall, then you plug into the bot, there's a possibility that you can put the plug in the bot somewhat askew -- but close enough to complete the circuit momentarily and maybe injure the pins? Whereas if you plug into the bot first, you have some chance of ensuring that the pins are perfectly seated, and then and only then do you try to send juice through it?
  15. Has anyone tried isopropanol for this job?
  16. I have only charged a few times but I have not gotten a spark. Yes, it drives me nuts that the pins are so tiny and seem so fragile!
  17. @SuperSport - thanks for the pics. I exchanged some emails and pics with Forward CA and they are sending me another charger on the 22nd! I wanted to update you and also, of course, to let folks here know how pleased I am with their responsiveness.
  18. I've never seen anyone here posting from my area -- you're probably the closest, and you're still quite far! I'm in Portland, Oregon and don't want to miss 3 days of sunshine! I wrote to Forward (but didn't explain the gray bit appearing to be put on wrong) and they suggested that perhaps I need a new charger (without really saying much about warranties or anything like that).
  19. Hi all- I was so delighted with myself today -- we've had terrible weather for a few days, so I haven't gotten to practice. This morning I managed to make some tight circles and figure eights for the first time, and was feeling like I'm really improving. When I got home, the app said I was at about 35%, which seemed right, so I decided to charge it. I have charged it once before, from 40%, with no problems. I went to plug it in and the red light simply wouldn't come on - only green. I wiggled things a bit and it still wouldn't come on. Then, I came to this forum (which I should have done
  20. Thanks again guys. I did actually manage to make it out again for a few minutes after updating the firmware and all seems fine. I also let my 12 year old son try it and within 5 minutes he was better than I was after about 4 hours of practice. I am not exaggerating in the least. It was horribly embarrassing. But he was sweet and encouraging and told me he just knew I would shred before too long (he's a snowboarder).
  21. Thanks everyone! I took off the speed limiter (and it's not windy anymore), so I had a nice ride today. I'm still not nearly good enough to commute with it but I feel I'll get there! I also updated the firmware when I came home. I probably won't get a chance to try that for a day or so, though, so fingers crossed it still works--it would be a drag to have killed it just as I am starting to really enjoy it and the weather is improving!
  22. Guys, I have a couple of follow up questions: I upped the speed limit to 10 km/h. Things were going very well. Today, I started to experience tiltback again, and I really do not think I was going anywhere near 10 km/h (maybe more like 6-7), and I'm confident the battery was nice and full. The tiltback was not as severe or sudden as before, but still, it was happening, and I can't figure out why. I also feel like I tried to lean back and slow down and it made no difference. When I turned off the speed limiter altogether it seemed to resolve, but I didn't have too much more time to practice
  23. Thanks again, all. I tried again yesterday and improved dramatically! (Still no drinking and riding though!)
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