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  1. Thanks, that was my advice to him too. He will give it a go before downgrading.
  2. How did you downgrade? Is there a guide? I know someone else in Ireland who doesn't like it, he says: Hi guys, I am having issues with my Kingsong 18L since the 2.0 firmware update. First I have noticed a difference in stability of the wheel which has gone worse and can't turn as usual as the wheel keeps shaking for some reason. Also I have done some tests today and the I had horizontal stabilization shut down on my multiple times while doing a forward/backwards. On the app there is no increase on cpu nor on the power or temp. Does anyone else has similar problems or possible solutions. It would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. Jean Dublin

    IPS S5

    Another video, now from the new owner he's learned to ride very fast, and he says he didn't drop the EUC even once while learning! He only got a 15-20min lesson with me (he was already quite good staying balanced on it, he comes from eSK8s). He's even doing some off-road on that video on the 14in IPS S5 :) https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3540561982681781&id=100001840425902
  4. Thanks for the input, I agree. It would be good to see what @Young il KIM says about that then. It may just be that they didn't want to make the case even wider (it's already wide enough on the GT16, to store a wider battery pack). That could be a good reason, as the shape of the EUC is square, it doesn't go any thinner at the top part.
  5. I'm not an expert, but the wider the tire, the more mass to spin by the motor/battery amps. Maybe someone here will know. Like pedalling a road bike, a MTB or a fatbike all with same diameter. Also they say 16x3in is more like 17in actually. However that's the argument Iron Korea gives for keeping it thin/normal.
  6. People who want the maximum torque will be happy with the thin tire. This is a 16in version of the Mten3 and MCM5, both with great torque. This brings larger diameter and battery, which is great. I may be one of the Iron Korea buyers...
  7. Jean Dublin

    IPS S5

    You're right. Not a major issue though, probably just needs to be replaced. Or maybe the connection got loose on transport.
  8. SOLD locally and I got a chance to give it a short try! Probably first video ever of the IPS S5 being ridden! Haha
  9. How cheap? Maybe this interests you
  10. Price is back to 650€ / 550£ now, as I already had to manage to move it to my new place.
  11. Price Drop: 550€ / 465£ (650€ / 550£ before). Reason for such low price: I'm moving to a new room on Saturday. I want to get rid of the box before I move! I may increase price again if not sold by then...
  12. Price drop! 800€ / 675£ (930€ / 800£ before). Reason for the cheap price is that I'm moving to a smaller room the 1st Feb and won't have much space for EUC parcels!
  13. Price Drop: 590€ / 497£ (650€ / 550£ before). Reason for the cheap price is that I'm moving to a smaller room the 1st Feb and won't have much space for EUC parcels! Read comments from IPS S5 owners here:
  14. IPS S5 brand new, from Aliexpress. (where is is 807€ brand new as this one) Took out of the box to check if it worked. One of the four LED strips is not working (watch video). Battery was low (about 20%), as per video, so I plugged it in to charge to about 60%. Now it's back on the box ready to ship. I've heard the S5 is a very smooth ride/motor. (never tried myself though). Location: Dublin, Ireland. Shipping to all Europe for 30-70€ (depending on country). (only 25£ to UK). Price Drop: 650€ / 550£ Specs: 2 battery packs, 2 controller boards, 2 motors. Battery: 58v 518wh. Dimensions: 654*486*126mm Weight: 14.7kg Range: 50km (-+5km) (as per IPS... Real range will likely be less, probably about 30-40km depending on conditions). Max speed: 30km/h (some people in this forum unlocked higher speeds, with a special app, but I wouldn't recommend it). Max Slope: 30° Max load: 120kg Wheel size: 14 inch. Thanks for your attention.
  15. If you're really interested I suggest you act quick , someone PMed me on the French forum(where I also advertised this) and looks very interested, just replied to that PM now.
  16. This is the v3, has a different tire than v2. Main change is internal, stronger pedal column, more durable long term (with v2 some people had issue with pedal column bending overtime, mainly if they were heavy people doing jumps). Edit: the side led part is still the same, has black paint, but not completely as the V2.
  17. Sold --- Selling almost new Rockwheel GT16 1036wh. Only 8km done for testing performance, works great, as the GT16 I had before or better (bigger battery). It cost 1286€ on Aliexpress (Rockwheel Store). Selling for only 930€ (356€ OFF). Negotiable. It was sent with 2x Chargers, 2x adapters, 4x grip tapes, 2x stands (wheel can stand on the side, 45 degree angle, with them installed under the pedals). They did a mistake and didn't include the pedal pads, so they will be shipped by Rockwheel (they already agreed to do so, I'll follow up as needed). Also, it has a defect/damage on the paint on the lower shell on one side, nothing major. See pictures. Price: 930€ / 800£ Negotiable Price Drop: 800€ / 675£ (930€ / 800£ before). Reason for the cheap price is that I'm moving to a smaller room the 1st Feb and won't have much space for EUC parcels! Ask me for shipping cost (tell me country and postcode/town), usually between 30-60€ within Europe. Payment via Bank transfer (€/£), Revolut (€/£) or PayPal friend (Euros only, due to bad exchange rates). Any questions please let me know. Missing "Pedal pads" image: (Rockwheel Store agreed to ship them).
  18. So it seems like there was no V12 at CES 2020? Otherwise we would have heard of it, I guess. Edit: Apologies, only saw separate thread now:
  19. If the 2280Wh is 22s8p, with 3000w, I guess it will be the fastest accelerating wheel in the market, (highest torque for climb too) What's the maximum parallel packs we've seen so far? 4p or 6p?
  20. Rockwheel is alive, making electric bikes (GT20 and GW20), but they stopped making electric unicycles. The first video description says: IRON KOREA is a brand launched in Korea by the transfer of ROCKWHEEL technology.
  21. Jean Dublin

    IPS S5

    How did this go? Those using it up to 40km/h, nobody had a cut out yet? Is it really able to go over 35km/h safely? @PaulSG @jbwheel @Zechi @uekarashi
  22. Thanks for the comments. I don't think I understood this part.
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