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  1. Jean Dublin

    Dublin - Ireland

    Hi all,Looking forward to see you on the next meetup the 13th May, Sunday, at 16h in Dublin city centre!More details on the link:http://meetu.ps/e/Fb1Zp/lLdYg/d
  2. Jean Dublin

    Dublin - Ireland

    28/02/2017 Edit: New Meetup Scheduled Sun 26th Mar at 16H in Malahide (North Dublin) More details and Meetup link on the last post: Original Post: Hi all, I see there is no EU meetups in Dublin, so I'll start them myself ---EDIT--- (14/04/2016) First Meetup Scheduled! (07/05/2016) Check it out and join http://www.meetup.com/Electric-Unicycle-Meetup-Dublin/ ------- If there is anyone in the forum living in Dublin or close please post here so that I can let you know when the first Meetup will be. I hope we will get some people to do it, as I've seen a couple of other people riding EUs in Dublin, but wasn't able to catch them on my generic to meet them and keep in contact. I just received the IPS Lhotz yesterday, so I'll be chasing any EU rider I spot to talk them into joining the meetup! I'll also be promoting it outside the forum to find enough people See you soon!
  3. Jean Dublin

    Padding Mods to avoid pain!

    Hi all, I wanted to share with you the mods I've done to the two electric unicycles I've had for the moment by adding padding to avoid the leg pain we all experienced at the beginning, mainly when learning. Some may have got used to it, however I never did as after a while not being able to keep learning due to the pain, I found the solution, adding good padding (not the one that comes by default, not enough). So on my first electric unicycle, a generic one, I added 2x "bike seat gel protection" (3 Eur each, cutting the part that attaches to the seat), using mounting tape (double sided tape would have been cleaner), here the result: I think it may be the most comfortable I've tried. However, the pedals could not close completely and one got soft after some time and would not stay up. My next padding mod was when I got my IPS Lhotz, again it was painful as it only has a bit of padding on the top of the side and it is not very soft. This time I used the EPE Foam that came on the shipping box of the unicycle, some red plastic from a bag/folder for documents and double sided tape. The result, also comfortable, but not as much as the gel seats. From the video I've on YouTube: Here the state of it after a year, dirty and falling apart: Both the mounting tape and the double sided tape I used were hard to remove, so you better try it a bit before carefully putting it together Now I was looking for a new padding, I found two new options: work knee pads and knee-elbow soft guards/pads. The work knee pads are not flat, so could not really use them and also were not comfortable enough. I decided it was time to try the knee-elbow soft guards/pads as the were comfortable. The result is pretty good and they are comfortable! Let's see once I use them to go to work or for a long MeetUp ride how do they feel. Let us see your padding mods!
  4. Jean Dublin

    Padding Mods to avoid pain!

    Haha I thought the same after months of riding, that I may not need extra padding anymore, however I was wrong, as soon as I removed the padding it did hurt, so had to put the new one on.
  5. Jean Dublin

    Padding Mods to avoid pain!

    It looks cool! Would you say the mat is enough padding? I was thinking of using the same for my RockWheel GT16, however it may not be enough padding for me. Would it keep the usual shape or would it stay thin/compressed after some time? I've had a good experience with Volleyball/MMA knee pads, so I just ordered a new pair for the RW GT16 from the UK, this is the best deal I found: http://m.ebay.ie/itm/EVO-Arts-martiaux-MMA-Volley-ball-Catch-Knee-Tapis-Protecteurs-sangles-/263108613314?var=&hash=item3d427ed4c2%3Am%3AmjAOgOdTCHJi5Fdlw6i0xFg&_trkparms=pageci%3A5795ea1c-7b97-11e7-9ab7-74dbd180d28c%7Cparentrq%3Abdc7944315d0a8672750a089fffd8034%7Ciid%3A1 I've also tried a new thing in the RockWheel GT16, the pads that would be added to the bottom of the legs of a table. It improved the comfort a bit, however not enough.
  6. Jean Dublin

    Best EUC leg padding

    Just realised now about this thread, apologies for the one I opened on Feb, I didn't find this one for some reason. Maybe I should close the one I opened and put the info here? Thanks.
  7. Jean Dublin

    Padding Mods to avoid pain!

    Hi all, just a quick update: The knee-elbow soft guards/pads are still working great! Also wanted to let you know that I'm going to receive a RockWheel GT16 V2 very soon, the V2 is supposed to have soft padding, I will let you know my thoughts. If not comfortable enough I may need to remove the knee-elbow soft guards/pads from the IPS to use them on the RockWheel, or buy another pair. I'll keep you posted!
  8. Edit: Solution here: Hi all, I couldn't find any post about this issue, so here it is. I have the IPS Lhotz for almost 5 months. (About 1010km) A couple of weeks ago (910km) I put the speed limit at 20km/h as was going on the path and didn't want to go over 18km/h, all OK. But since then I noticed that even if I changed the setting back to 30km/h, each time I turn on the Lhotz: 1. Speed limit is at 20km/h. 2. Side LEDs are off. 3. Total KM is back to 0km! Tried with 2 different phones, same issue. Now each time I turn it on I have to go into the app to turn on the side LEDs and change the settings to 30km/h. Any idea on why did this happen? Any known solution? Thanks! Jean.
  9. Jean Dublin

    RockWheel GT16

    This really looks like a good wheel. I'd definitely buy this one before a Gotway ACM, as it is nicer, (same/more powerful?) and cheaper! If my IPS Xima breaks down tomorrow and has no solution (which I hope won't happen) I'd pretty sure order one of these, unless IPS suddenly releases a new one I like better. Looking forward to see more reviews/news about the GT16!
  10. Jean Dublin

    Dublin - Ireland

    Hi all, It's been a while that I didn't update this thread each time I arranged a new Meetup every 4-5 weeks. Back to updating it again We started doing meetups in Dublin Suburbs instead of always in the City Centre, last MeetUp in Dun Laoghaire was great, next MeetUp is Sun 26th March at 16H in Malahide! It will be nice to ride around the Castle and the Gardens, and it's my first time visiting Malahide, there is no better way to do so than riding around with the Dublin Electric Unicycle Riders! Here the link to join http://meetu.ps/e/Cy5vq/lLdYg/d See you all there and any new members are welcome! Jean.
  11. Jean Dublin

    Padding Mods to avoid pain!

    Thanks Smoother, you're right, it's great to see the mods people are doing. I didn't see many about padding,just the protection foam that comes with unicycles being used for leg padding. It will be interesting to see if anyone else has been experimenting with different paddings as well
  12. Jean Dublin

    Lhotz or Zero, Which one do you like?

    I didn't try the Zero, however I'm sure I prefer the Lhotz The 16 inch fat tire is very good for stability. I tried the KingSong 16 inch which has a quite slim tire compared to the Lhotz. I felt as if it was going to slip on a side and make me fall when I made a close enough turn. The only other EUC I feel OK riding is the Gotway 18inch MSuper v3 because it also has fat tire and is not as robust/uncomfortable as the MSuper v2. However I still prefer the Lhotz!
  13. Black and red like the Lhotz is great. I wonder if the new one will be 16 or 18 inch. I think 16 is just right. I've a Lhotz and am very happy with it!
  14. Jean Dublin

    Dublin - Ireland

    Great! Next ride is the Sun 08/12 at 13h . See you there! http://meetu.ps/e/Cgrkr/lLdYg/d
  15. Jean Dublin

    Dublin - Ireland

    Hi Dr. Ampersand, Thanks for your message We just had a Meetup today, we were 6, it was good , Join the MeetUp group to find out about the next one, we may go somewhere else than the city, for a nice ride in a different place, maybe Dun Laoghaire as Jaber suggested. Join Electric Unicycle Meetup Dublin here: http://meetu.ps/c/2J55W/lLdYg/d See you, Jean.
  16. Jean Dublin

    Dublin - Ireland

    Hi all, We had a few meetups already I didn't advertise on this thread, I'll post them here too from now New Meetup scheduled in Dublin, Sun 11/09 See details and Join here: http://meetu.ps/e/BYdw8/lLdYg/d
  17. Jean Dublin

    When your employer dictates the law

    Haha I've been feeling the same for about 11 months now! I do a bit less, 5km. Took 25-30min on the Generic I used for 3 months and 12min on the IPS Lhotz, much better
  18. Hi Keith, to be honest, no idea. My buying agent got that line from the Taobao Seller. It is quite surprising I can't find anything else online about this IPSutil app, maybe in Chinese
  19. Hi Fat, This alwayd happens to me, I have to make sure the app is not open in the background by closing it to avoid it crashing after "opening" it, as it will open from the background, if I don't it crashes and then it is closed too and next time I open it loads when opening and all OK. Not sure why this happens, however not a big issue
  20. You tried that is what matters! Now you'll be able to help anyone el se with this issue
  21. Hi all, Good news! Problem solved Now all is back to normal keeping the settings after turned off/on and total mileage shows 100km. My agent sent me an IPSUtil app to re-write the EUC via bluetooth, here some screenshots. I'd say this app works for many models, not only Lhotz, as on the instruction PDF they show other models. SN is the unique number of the EUC that can be found on the settings of the normal app, the next field is what you want to rewrite I suppose, not sure about he first number, but then you have what the app would show as model or name of EUC and the battery size it would show, not sure of 32, 1 either, on the instructions I see you can put 0 instead of 1 too... My agent told me what to put for mine. Here the APP attached just in case anyone needs it. (As usual, use it at your own risk ) IPS新程序——里程清零恢复.apk
  22. Thanks to all for your help! I agree on the "safe"/default settings, as it is always 20km/h after restarting, but the side lights are off, that's definitely not safe or default, or shouldn't be at least... The only problem I have with thjs is that I need to use the app each time I start it (and couldn't take a screenshot to show I'm on the "1000km club" ) I sent an email to the general "info" IPS email that is on their English website, the same day I posted this, but still no response. I'll ask my agent in China to contact the seller about this. I'll keep you updated. Thanks.
  23. Thanks Paddylaz, The issue is not with the app as it worked OK before, also I tried on 2 different android phones with the IPS Zero app (it is the only one that works with my Lhotz) from the IPS website with the unlocked 30km/h from the start. It is very strange this is happening... I hope there is an easy solution.
  24. Jean Dublin

    Shopping for Motopogo

    Hi Checho, I agree that a benchmark would be good. Please note that the 1500usd price is in China, a normal generic EUC costs 100usd in China. The motopogo costs 620usd, same as an IPS Xima Lhotz 340wh. So the price is high enough the have much better specs than normal EUCs. Best Regards, Jean.