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  1. Some more ideas on this topic. https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/eSi9kygo
  2. Yes, I had the chance to try it too, for a weekend in London, thanks to @Afeez Kay I sold my Gotway ACM yesterday, which was the wheel I was teaching people on. The MCM5 is a good wheel for that too I think, changing the riding style to beginner/soft and limiting the speed. And padding it up, for it to stay "attractive" for whenever I have to sell it. And I would also use it as a 2nd wheel myself. However, I won't get an MCM5 unless I see a great 2nd hand deal on it (800wh). I'm not getting it new, I'd rather wait for a 16inch which has the same or more torque than the MCM5. I heard Gotway is thinking to release something like that in 4-6 months (from Afeez's post about his recent visit to the factory). The "?" 16in 2020 wheel on my signature is a sillouette of an MCM5 haha.
  3. Does this also need to be checked on the 100v 1845wh? Or is it an older issue?
  4. I edited Ireland, to mention there is a public consultation for anyone to give their thoughts on legalising them and why. Plain text counts. Send it via email to ppt@dttas.gov.ie with subject line "PPTs Consultation" There is an optional form to fill and attach on the email. (can be filled on PC or mobile with Adobe Acrobat and print/save as PDF). Anyone from abroad can participate. Please do, and share. Public Consultation: http://eRide.ie/consultation.pdf Here some Social Media posts I did which you can already share: *Facebook*: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eride.ie/permalink/440487126809029/ *Twitter*: https://twitter.com/ErideIe/status/1168884981260832768 *Reddit*: https://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/cz5aqd/public_consultation_about_legalising_erides_in/ *LinkedIn*: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/jeanjosegarciamolina_ireland-scooters-mobility-activity-6574653865000603648-357x Thanks, Jean.
  5. I want to add, the Gotway ACM, raising the pads up a bit makes it comfortable enough, no pain. The KingSong 18L also perfect no pain, no need for extra padding Gotway MSX is painful (even with their improved pads). Gotway MCM5 too(with original pads)
  6. Hi all, Couldn't find any topic like this one. Thinking about which wheels are the best to teach people (hard shell is mandatory then...), while still having it as a 2nd spare wheel. From my experience, the IPS Lhotz and Gotway ACM have the hardest shells I've seen. The Rockwell GT16 and KingSong 18L shell aren't the hardest, but not too bad. I'm getting a Gotway Monster now, I've heard it's got a weak shell. I've been thinking about selling the Gotway ACM and getting a better 16inch wheel, like the Gotway Tesla (I heard the shell was improved at one point), for teaching people and as a city riding wheel for me (I don't enjoy the Gotway ACM enough to use it often). So, from me, so far, out of 10: (a 10 is where you don't mind giving it to people to try it and letting it fall hard enough shows no visible damage or marks). IPS Lhotz: 8/10 (gets scratches easy enough, but still hard). Gotway ACM: 9/10 (scratches aren't that visible, but there is some damage to edges of the side panels). Rockwheel GT16: 6/10 (side panels plastic holding the screws can break) . KingSong 18L/XL: 6/10 (scratches easy enough, side panel plastic holding screws can also break, plastic doesn't seem hard enough). Not as sure about these, but I'll guess: Gotway Monster: not sure, but from images I've seen I'd say more like a 2 or 3? Gotway Msuper v2 I think is a 9 too. Gotway Msuper v3 is a 4 or 5? MSX is a 7? Looking forward to your thoughts.
  7. The Irish Department of Transport started a Public Consultation about legalising eRides (Throttle eBikes, eScooters, eSkateboards, OneWheels, eUnicycles, others). Please take a minute to make your submission. (Even if you're abroad, it still counts! It will affect your holidays in Ireland!) Please Share! I posted to lots of FB groups, but I'm not on all of them! Link: http://eRide.ie/consultation.pdf Thanks
  8. I also have a second 18L with less scratches, which can be also bought for €1200 (pictures on link below). Or can buy both for only €2300 £2089, as I posted here:
  9. Gotway announced the new Monster trolley handle is ready, but no details on price yet. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AirWheelClub/permalink/2417915808439883/
  10. Pain on feet doesn't go, but depends on your foot wear, riding style and pedal size. Normally you shouldn't get it unless you're doing long distance, like, riding for 1h or more. The leg pain, I always had to add extra DIY padding on my wheels, until I got the 18L, which didn't need it as it has a comfortable shape. Add padding wherever you need it, otherwise you may get small or bigger injuries, there's pictures for sure in the forum of examples.
  11. It does look quite busy alright @jim irish, but as you say, you're going at an appropriate speed. If cycling and scooters are allowed there then you should also...
  12. You already got a great reply. If a charger has the option to chose and charge 100% or not, that makes sense, but it not charging to 100% even if you want to? First time I see that... On a note: also important to recharge a unicycle every month, not fully, if not being used for a long time, otherwise the battery may deplete completely with time, and die... Not charging anymore.
  13. I did a few times when I had a no name 14in which did max 12km/h which would not hurt too much if it got scratched, but not anymore, as machines got faster and more expensive...
  14. In my opinion, even if I try to accelerate by just pushing on the toe, without leaning, sometimes leaning a bit is still needed to go faster. It's hard for me to know how much I'm really leaning, as it comes natural at this point too. Probably if I recorded myself accelerating from stop, I would be surprised of how much I do lean... With the Gotway Monster or other EUC with sitting position it's a whole different story, not that much chance to lean, and have to use the feet pressure instead, looking forward to try this myself and learn, it may also improve the normal ridding without leaning much...
  15. Only if you know its perfectly smooth, but I would not see why locking your legs completely straight would help at all, you can keep them straight while still a tiny bit bent. Re the main question on first post: I never fell in +4 years, until I tried a ramp jump which was too high to do without Kuji Pads, so we sort of landed together, but not in the right feet positions... So it is possible not to fall if careful enough.
  16. I also recommend you check this out, lots of tips for whichever you're struggling with or whatever you want to learn. https://eucriding.blogspot.com
  17. That seems to be the one. A new version of their existing Moonwalk board, without remote, just leaning.
  18. [WTB] [EU] Want to buy used Gotway Monster for 1000-1300€ Negotiable depending on model, purchase date and condition. From anywhere in Europe, preferably on original packaging, or adequate packaging.
  19. That's the old version alright. I also had those at the start. They actually don't have a proper heat sink and after 6 months the white light stopped working for me, I got both replaced. If under warranty, ask for the replacements, if not, I suggest you get the new ones from some Aliexpress seller, even if they don't have it listed they can most likely order them for you. Or you may check with your local dealer if they have them in stock. When asking, say you only need the lamp board, not the whole headlight. Left, new one, longer (V1.4). Right, old one, shorter (V1.1). Or maybe adding something like this, or even more simple, tape something to cover the top end of the headlight. However I still recoment getting the light board replacement, as those will stop working sooner or later.
  20. Are you going to bother changing to the wide tire? And what speed do you get? Also, if you're interested in my 18L, let me know, we could arrange a Swap with some money my way.
  21. I wonder how hard is to change the cables, is there any video up already?
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