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  1. Contacting ips is no use i had like 10 emails between us. They are brushing me off nicely with the worst grammar ever lol.and i told them their engeneer fucked up with update n they fixed it a few days later so that u cant update.and the thing now is the wheel doesnt even have random balancing force to it like it did before. I feel like they could have fixed this thing with one code of line that tells the the wheel to update. Kind of sucks there no support on 800 dollar wheel.
  2. But now i checked the battery with voltmeter and it said 65volt so i think control board is still messed up somehow
  3. So i did what you said and after i reconnected the battery it started showing my board firmware which is 4.16. Instead of 0.0.0. And in the app it said under low voltage and it showes i heve 2 volts instead of 67v but when i plug it in to charge the charger is lit green, and when i turn on the wheel while its charging the charger shows yellow for 2 min. Really weird.so its not really charging. So i feel like im a step closer lol.any other suggestion??
  4. Does anyone know where i can get control board for ips i130+ electric unicycle? I tried 3 different sites and they saying no
  5. So i contacted them and they totaly fucked up but they are trying to play it off. Their engeneer closed the update function in the app a month ago, but he obviosly didnt close it properly because it updated me to 0.0.0 version. Now its brainless hardware. N they wont sell me just the controll board. Any one know where i can get just control board
  6. I emailed ips and then the guy said his office person is going to contact me.so im waiting for that. This could be an easy fix, they just need to update their app. Cuz my wheel still connects to the app
  7. So now what. Is there a number i can contact them.
  8. Now it said the motherboard firmware is0.0.0.0
  9. I was updating my wheel with iamips.app. and then when it was done the wheel wont turn on. When i press wheel power button it seems like the wheel works like a one eight of its power. And the power button is not lit up. Any suggestions?
  10. is xima lhotz app only for iphones? i tried it on iphone too n still notinmg
  11. the one that works is just named ips.http://ipswheel.asia/app-download.html the ones in the link dont work
  12. i already tried those and one of the apps does work but the highest limit is 20kmph not 30
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