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  1. Hi guys, i'm trying to figure out what is the motor voltage of this EUC > TG F5 172Wh Electric Self-Balancing Motor power is 350W and the input dc to charge the battery is 67.2V but i'm not sure if 67.2V is the voltage of the motor too. Any guess?
  2. Why did you take out the handlebar? It's not good to ride with?
  3. @Colestien The problem is to find something that fits into the 6" wheel that i want to use. I actually found this one http://etmpower.com/our-motors/500w-e-bike-direct-drive-motor/ that fit and seen to be a high torque one. I still have to buy and i already have the 350W one. @Gimlet The 350W came with hall sensors too. Does anyone know who is the motor supplier of the onewheel? http://rideonewheel.com/
  4. @MetricUSA I would like to use what i already have and I wanna build something with more torque stead of high speed. I saw some videos from rockwheel and really appreciate. @Colestien because i need more torque and this geared 350W could be a nice choice. @Cranium thanks a lot for your comment. I agree with it. I'll just need to understanding what are the input voltages of the board. Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for my poor English.
  5. Hey Guys, I have an Airwheel X5 and want to hack it by changing the 500W motor to a 350W Geared hub motor. I choose this little motor because is th only one that fits my 6" new wheel. I wonder what challenges i'll face? 1. I'll need to change the freewheel inside the motor to a fix one. 2. The 350W motor is 36V so i'll need to use a step down dc dc converter circuit since the 500W use a 67V. What more? Thanks
  6. Nice! Do you have more information of the project?
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