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  1. This is EXACTLY what I was trying to say~ THANK YOU, KingSong69
  2. I never purposely rode it back and forth without standing on it to check first. But, on the first Monster I had, I feel it’s already ready to take my weight. I can stand on it without moving and it will take my weight. This new Monster, it just won’t let me stand on it without taking off. I will move it back and forth first before I stand on it. I believe some of the physics perameters have changed or something. I don’t Iike it. Twisted my ankle coming off this thing because of it’s strange behavior.
  3. I will take note of that. Thank you~
  4. And, not sure about the new firmware, but my new Monster seems like it wants to tip over every time I stand on it? It didn’t behave like this on the first iteration (2016 model). Before, I could stand on it without it tipping over, but on this new one (2017 model with new thinner padding), I MUST move forward if I stand on it...bummer
  5. Almost exactly a year later, I got a brand new 2400Wh Monster. This one is not used and I noticed on the used one I got before it had a wobbly wheel—maybe it was crashed or something. This wheel does not wobble at all. This wheel has a different kind of padding on the sides: it’s thinner and I like it better. I was told that the wires inside were better sealed from overheating. Though it’s the same model, it’s kind of a Monster 2.0 I guess.
  6. Nice video! What is the music that starts at 10:19?
  7. As a proud monster owner, don't feel scared of it, but it's called "monster" for a reason^^ It won't bite, but it eats every pothole, bump or hill. I have gone up every hill with no struggle and I live in the countryside! If you have the money, go for the monster It's worth every penny! One last thing, I agree with Shabba in that it takes a while to get going and it goes amazingly up any hills on the road. I cannot speak on off-road riding or off-road hills...it's just not my style. Yours truly, Yashaya
  8. This is Yashaya in South Korea. So, I finally got the Gotway Monster 1600Wh. First impressions: 1) It's fast and powerful. 2) It's heavier than I thought it would be. 3) Takes a while to get it up to speed, but the wait is worthwhile. Some pros: As I mentioned, it's powerful and fast. The diameter of the wheel makes me feel a lot more comfortable riding it than my previous smaller wheel and I love cruising on it. The battery is massive and only dropped 15% after riding it for about 14km. This thing has no problems at all climbing hills and it does it fast. It could be me, but I find it less noisy than my previous Kingsong? The whizzing is a lot quieter. Some cons: The front light isn't ideal for riding at night as it's appears to be less luminous than my Kingsong. I feel the weight isn't evenly distributed because it wants to fall backwards (I'm assuming that the battery packs are positioned more to the back I guess). At higher speeds, I feel wobbly. Now, to be fair, it's been about 9 months or so since I've ridden an EUC so I could have lost my agility a bit while controlling it. Because of larger wheel diameter, I can't make those tighter turns I used to do-- but that's just part of this beautiful EUC. I'm happy with my purchase but I might hold off on upgrading the battery until I get used to the weight and turning more^^
  9. It's been a while since I posted. On March 17th, I will receive my Cobalt Blue 1600Wh Gotway Monster. It's used and it has a total kilometer usage of 216km. I tested the wheel and it's tough. It felt like I could ride it anywhere, but it took a while to get it at a good speed. I bought it in Korea for 2,000,000 won and that's about $1,749 dollars. I will post pictures and videos as soon as I get it^^
  10. Does anyone have a real-world review of the 2400 watt-hour Gotway Monster? I'm a heavy guy (105kg), I got rid of my Kingsong 18in 520W because of its short distance, and now looking for a proper upgrade.
  11. Does anyone have a video link to a 22-inch 84V EUC? I'm dying to see one in action.
  12. It gets better: Even I'm not riding the Kingsong anymore. I'm waiting for my new charger to come. But, this is to give you more encouragement^^
  13. Not sure if it's a big deal or not now that the socket of my unit won't charge. I did keep my end of the bargain and lost some weight: 96.4 kg That was taken yesterday, on 8/6/2016. 108 - 96 = 12kg! And, in January, I was 108kg and I mentioned above.
  14. I think I have the same problem now. I remember riding my Kingsong 18in in the rain. After a day or two, it won't charge even though my charger can charge my external battery packs.
  15. Would have loved to see a picture of where the problem was since you opened it up. It could help us troubleshoot any similar problem
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