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  1. I think you may be confusing the number of cells with the number of battery packs. I believe the lower end models like the 130wh have 16 cells, but when you move to the 340wh it has 32 cells but still in one pack. When you move to the 540wh and on it has 2 packs but up to 64 cells.
  2. Any way of adjusting pedal tilt?
  3. Just got mine in, but am having trouble activating the speed alarm and tilt back. According to the app I have been going well over 25kph, but have yet to hear even the first alarm. During a lift test I hear the 4 beeps but nothing else. Using the ios app. Has anyone else heard the speed limit beeps while riding?
  4. My wheel should be coming in this week. I was wondering if gotway has fixed the supposed 4km/h difference in app speed vs real speed for the mcm4? Tiltback at 24 km/h real speed is ok but 20 km/h might be a bit slow. Thx
  5. Does anyone know what happened to these brands? They seem to have disappeared from the market. I know pinwheel claims to have some sort of relationship with Rockwheel, but not exactly sure what.
  6. Sure. 1) I had read that there may have been some trouble riding uphill on the kingsong. I believe it was @Kevin Lee who wrote about this 2) I only need a 340 wh battery, which is much harder to get for KS 3) I like the gotway wheel design more and was impressed by the water test video they showed (while I love the speakers on the KS, the exposed holes make me nervous.) There are definitely features of the king song that I liked better as well. In the end, its a choice between 2 great wheels and you cant really go wrong. I ended up with the HS version, which is the only one id recommend at this point.
  7. They're not essential, I was just wondering. There are a few other reasons that led me to the mcm4 hs over the KS 14C
  8. Just ordered and was wondering if it had speakers?
  9. Any updates from mcm4 hs riders? Any faceplants or things I should look out for? Mine should be here soon.
  10. Still available, with potential delivery in the NJ/ tri-state area.
  11. According to gotway's spec sheet, the mten is 350w. I have seen the a130 advertised as low as 450w and as high as 650w depending on the seller. I think 450-500 is accurate.
  12. Im about your size, I find the acceleration to feel quite speedy for the size, but agree that up steep inclines it feels like it could use some power.
  13. Yea no problem. If you have a history of breaking wheels, I would definitely suggest going with something guaranteed to handle the weight. Sorry about having to wait on broken wheels. I feel like every euc rider has some sort of quality based sob story
  14. While im sure it could work, especially as a secondary wheel, im reluctant to put my money where my mouth is so to speak. i just dont want it to break during testing something it may or may not be designed to do.
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