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  1. For me the maximum speed = reserve power. I want to ride at 30kph, but I want to do it on a wheel that's capable of 45kph for safety reasons. If there's a large bump in the road while I'm accelerating from 25-30kph, I want to know that the wheel can handle the spike in power. Manufacturers could keep the buffer amount a secret and artificially limit the top speed, but that's probably not in the economic interest for the manufacturer. It also doesn't inform the user of what kind of buffer is really available. Give me a 60kph wheel and I'll still ride 30kph. Remember, safety gear can help you slide and reduce some impacts, but if you hit a metal pole at a fast speed it will hurt, and might change your life in a bad way.
  2. musk

    INMOTION V20 ??

    I'm eagerly waiting for this new wheel. For me, reliability/safety are the most important things in an EUC design, and so I've been wanting an Inmotion wheel which can keep their history of reliability (especially water resistance) with an 18" diameter wheel and longer range. Maybe improve the handle. No other big changes necessary. To me, one of Inmotion's biggest strengths is their reliability and polished execution of the things we know work well. I do NOT want them innovating new suspension systems - leave that to Gotway.
  3. My approach to maintenance is to keep an eye on anything inside the wheel that other users have identified as problems, but don't disassemble it needlessly. For example, the Ninebot one E+ has a few reports of the battery pack wrapper having holes worn through because of rubbing inside the case. This is easy to inspect and would be a big problem if it happened to me. I suspect that this issue is aggravated by riding style and conditions. If a wheel is vulnerable to sand/water ingress and a rider rides in those conditions, it's going to be a problem when they start doing jumps and that sand is now pummeling the electrical components. Judge how you personally use your wheel, and adapt your inspection to the level of abuse you cause to your wheel. Compared to some of the more extreme riders here, I don't "abuse" my wheel by treating it like a skateboard (taking it off jumps, constantly bailing, etc.) In my eyes, dropping a 50lb device repeatedly (even from successful jumps) will decrease it's longevity/reliability. For a device with zero redundancy, this is too big of a risk for me personally.
  4. I've looked into it very deeply because I loved riding so much. The relevant law in BC is written very broadly and EUC's fall into the broad definition of "motor vehicle" the way it's described in legislation... that's not a quesion, I've taken it to provincial court. That wouldn't be a problem if you were allowed to purchase motor vehicle insurance for the EUC, but that insurance does not exist, so therefore they cannot be ridden basically anywhere. There's alot more nuance to the locations where you can't ride, but it covers basically everywhere, including parking lots and any place the "public has access to or is invited". The Vancouver seawall is one area where the motor vehicle law isn't applicable, but the parks board has their own rules which prohibit EUC's - probably stemming from a Segway rental operation which existed 10 years ago. You're probably fine using the seawall at night, but in my general experience park rangers (in campgrounds and such) tend to be more Nazi-ish than your typical police officer so I don't know what they'd do. I read their park regulations and "confiscation" was one of the listed penalties, so the consequences probably depend on the mood of the ranger.
  5. Hatchet, I sympathize and feel the same devastation. My ninebot one has been sitting in my closet for over a year now, unused. The ticket is real, there isn't really any way around it - I learned the hard way.
  6. They said a court date would be set roughly 12-16 months from the date of the infraction which was in Dec 2015.
  7. Ninebot E+. The LED lights were on which was probably like a glittering lure to the cop. I've now disabled the light ring to draw less attention.
  8. No helmet, zero pedestrians on a long stretch of sidewalk under the lip of BC Place stadium. Probably 17km/h. I might've been able to give a good argument but I don't know if it would've accomplished anything. It was a pretty ho-hum affair, not much talking and the ticket came out fast. He was there to hand me a ticket, not to ensure public safety or anything. Fighting the ticket is a choice, I don't want to blindly reward that kind of police behaviour. I actually hope the cop does show up so that I can get a real answer from the judge whether sidewalk = highway. If I win because the cop doesn't show, I won't really know the law.
  9. In BC the definition of "Motor Vehicle" is very broad. If something has a motor and transports a human, it is legally "motor vehicle" unless legislation is written that specifically gives it a pass. This is the case with "Motor-Assisted bicycles" which have been specifically carved out in law as being acceptable as long as they meet a bunch of specific requirements about motor power and other things. For example, a MAB can only have an electic motor to be eligible. If it has a gas engine, you're not within the definition MAB and magically convert into a "motor vehicle". EUC's, Segways, and anything relevant to this forum don't have special exclusions in law and therefore are treated like a car if you meet a cop that's in the mood to ticket you or needs to fulfill his monthly quota. The fine I received is for "operating a motor vehicle on a highway without insurance", which is a giant $600 ticket just the same as if I were driving a car without insurance. The only way I can hope to win in court is the fact that I was riding on the sidewalk. "Highway" has a legal definition in BC and includes private parking garages and anywhere a car might normally go, but I don't think it probably includes sidewalks. I've talked to 5 traffic section officers and none of them know whether a sidewalk is technically a "highway", so I have to ask a judge to interpret the law. Remember, officers in BC (and most places) have a role. Normal downtown city cops are not "traffic section" cops. They don't care about EUC's because they are mostly cool (in Vancouver) and have their priorities in order. Conversely, traffic section cops are ticket writing revenue-generating robots. If they are in ticket writing mode, you can be sure they'll use you to quickly meet their quota. For a traffic section cop, a schlubby EUC rider is a lazy target vs stopping a car with tinted windows on a busy highway. If you live in a smaller neighborhood the chance of meeting a traffic cop might be reduced since it may not be specifically patrolled for traffic infractions.
  10. I just confirmed the route on Google Maps. 21km loop at sea level, no serious wind or elevation changes. 100% battery drains to 15% at the end of this trip. I've had the wheel for 8 months and have put ~400km on the wheel. Firmware: 1.3.5. (The wheel shipped with 1.2.1) I usually fill the tire to 55-60psi and it slowly drains to 40psi over a few weeks. I'd ride it more but have already received a $600 fine for riding on the sidewalk here. It's a 6 month old infraction and I still haven't had a court date set. Probably 3 more months till I can get in front of a judge and argue that a sidewalk is not a "highway" by the legal definition of highway in British Columbia.
  11. My E+ rider specs: Fatness: 245lbs Speed: 20-22kph Range: 21km from 100% down to 5-10% battery. Note, if tire pressure is low my range drops significantly to something like 15.
  12. musk

    Firmware 1.4.0

    By "failing to ... keep the unit upright" do you mean that it shut off?
  13. The stand works great! ABS, 0.32mm, Simplify3d, Printrbot Metal Plus
  14. 16kmh is the speed at which I feel safe and comfortable.
  15. Perhaps Gotway is one of the most reliable (but still risky) current-generation electronic designs. There certainly seems to be fewer reports of failures with that brand. I'd definately pay more for segway-level redundancy and backup systems inside the wheel. An extra $1500 is nothing compared to the cost of breaking parts of your body and living with the daily consequences of having damaged something that can't be medically restored back to 100%
  16. V5+ is one of the two wheels I'm really curious about. (the other being Uniwheel.)
  17. Segway spent much time and cash lobbying the legislature in most US states to get laws passed allowing use of EPAMD devices. If poorly constructed devices flow into the country, catching fires and breaking wrists, that legislation might get overturned. Regardless of how much this will raise the prices of individual devices, we need to make sure that reactionary lawmakers don't change their state laws and kill the whole movement. It's not healthy if people think "fire" when a hoverboard is mentioned. Segway needs to keep that sentiment from growing.
  18. I've done it, on a large double soccer field. The surface was extra grippy and unforgiving because small steering adjustments are amplified. Unlike concrete where it's easy to move in a straight line, I found it difficult to maintain a calm & smooth straight line on turf. Perhaps this isn't due to the surface but rather to the fact that my fat body pushes the wheel down into the soft turf and therefore creates a large arc of grippy contact with the ground.
  19. Today while sitting at my desk I was using my NB1 as a footrest. It was powered on, underfoot for roughly 30 minutes. I wan't putting any stressful load on the motor, just feet swaying fwd/bwd once in a while. >It shut off at roughly the 30 minute mark.< Does the wheel have a countdown timer which shuts down after a period of inactivity? I've never had a problem with the wheel. If there is an inactivity timer, I'd like to learn more about it. It seems like a point of failure if that timer isn't fed proper information. Perhaps I was being particularly still for a few minutes and it satisfied the inactivity requirement. Update: As a test, I just left the bot on while tipped against the wall and it shut down within 10 minutes, two beeps were sounded during the shutdown.
  20. Thank you for the report. I'm curious about this new company and love to hear more about the safety-focused engineering and battery swapping.
  21. Are you sure it's not the clear, circular little rubber stopper on the underside of the pedal near the joint? My NB1 shipped with on installed on each side, and after 20 hours of use they squished, slid out of the way, and eventually fell off. When they were installed in factory position, it pushed the pedals upward a little bit. I'm guessing they're there for cushoning or somesuch.
  22. Can someone please tell me what I'm looking at here and what it's supposed to look like? I don't have a clear understanding of the significance of this photo.
  23. Burn! ... about a burn. So it's a Burn burn.
  24. First thing that came to mind was that they cut the WH rating off to avoid airline/customs/FedEx problems somewhere in the supply chain.
  25. Riding with a 12km/h speed limit enabled, My ninebot beeps during every tiltback.
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