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  1. If the wheel is $1k and they held that money for a week at 2% interest they owe you bigtime. 39¢ worth of cheddar coming your way.
  2. Good ideas. There's one province (Nova Scotia) that just passed permissive legislation which will come into force in Feb. I'm trying to tap into those people there to learn about their process and maybe get some tips on how to proceed. Segways are only legal on private property where the general public is not invited to drive their motor vehicles (for parking). This means even public parking lots or parking garages are counted as "highways" and are illegal.
  3. This is in British Columbia, Canada. Here's a short synopsis of the problem: Anything with a motor is a "motor vehicle". (except a motor-assisted bicycle) "motor vehicle" means a vehicle, not run on rails, that is designed to be self propelled or propelled by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires, but does not include mobile equipment or a motor assisted cycle; - All motor vehicles are required to be registered and have liability insurance - Because wheels/segways "don't meet provincial standards for on-road use, insurance and registration cannot be purchased - Anything classified as a motor vehicle cannot be driven on the sidewalk
  4. What physical position was the wheel in when the firmware was updated? Does the gyroscope have absolute orientation capability or does it get calibrated at some point during the firmware update?
  5. Has anyone experienced working with state/provincial government to update laws regulating self-balancing vehicles? I live in Canada and we don't have the benefit of all that legislative progress that's been done in 43 states. Anyone have tips or connections on how to proceed?
  6. I'm 110-115kg and the Ninebot E+ works great, there are no problems at my size. It's got plenty of acceleration and there's no problem maintaining the top speed of 22km/h, even though I choose not to ride that fast for safety reasons.
  7. This is a really interesting point. Can anyone who has noticed "short" battery lifespans comment on what kind of hilly terrain you normally traverse?
  8. Bloomberg mentioned that this is a "design patent" which by nature only covers the visual style of the object and not the underlying functionality. This is different from a utility patent, which is what most people normally think of as a patent. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/u-s-marshals-raid-hoverboard-booth-at-ces
  9. This is a step in the right direction, though we could consider thinking in terms of recoverability. For example: 8km/hr - Feet Recovery easy. 12km/hr - Feet Recovery difficult. (You might go down. Are your wrists and fingers ready for this?) 24km/hr - Feet Recovery not possible. The speed numbers are placeholder and debateable.
  10. What speed do we generally consider "slow"? 20kph is fast, way faster than most people run imho. A comfortable running speed can be estimated by looking at how fast (healthy) people run on treadmills. I think a fair value is 12km/hr for an average person. Critically, falling off an EUC (due to cutout) is something a person isn't likely to be prepared for so they'll need to accellerate instantly to running speed from a dead stop. For the health of the community, we should start phrasing "low speed" and "high speed" in a more thoughtful way so that riders can learn to think about their speed in a useful way. The physical speed capability of a wheel is irrelevant to the human impact that speed has, so just because a wheel can spin at 40km/hr, that does not make 20km/hr "slow".
  11. I've rationalized my inability to start with both legs by comparing it to snowboarding. Riding a snowboard with left foot forward was a decision made by my friend who pushed me from behind (unexpectedly) while I was standing in the office. He pointed out that my left foot was the one I instinctively used to catch my fall, and thus showed that I should ride left foot forward.
  12. I'm a handsome 250lbs which seems significantly heaver than most riders on this forum. Having never ridden another wheel, the E+ is perfectly fine for me. No problems going up tall bridges or up/down ramps in parking garages.
  13. 1. E+ 2. 1.3.0 3. ... 4. 3km 5. 250lbs 6. casual 7. Subtle electronic sound. Slightly different driving characteristics, though I can't say whether they're necessarily better or not. It's hard to compare when you can't switch back and forth between firmware versions. I wish that similar to "riding model" we could select the type of motor algorithm (or whatever they call it) to compare and select for our riding needs.
  14. The video has background noise that's as loud (if not louder than) the wheel. Before the wheel is powered it sounds like a summer night with thousands of crickets. Is it summer in DC?
  15. musk


    Holy, that metal connector is awesome!
  16. Impressive! Are the LED's able to be made brighter with a user modification? I'm no electrician, so maybe this is an absurd question.
  17. I don't, but I marked up your image. red shows where to cut. Green shows where to move the connectors.
  18. I think the bypass would work, but I'm not an electrician. If you want to cut, you can cut through the middle of the 3 connectors, you can see an image of scissors on the front of the strip and a black line showing where to cut.
  19. Sounds like the same problem I had. Solved by cutting the first light off and soldering to the new connector, thread here: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/2150-led-rings-half-illuminated-fixed-with-tips/
  20. For the curious: The Ninebot circuit board damaged the first lamp on each LED strip, rendering the rest of the strip inoperable. Upon searching for a replacement light strip, I found this excellent electronics site that explained a possible fix: https://www.pololu.com/product/2547 If the strip does get damaged, it is often just the first LED that is broken; in such cases, cutting off this first segment and resoldering the connector to the second segment brings the strip back to life. I did this, cutting the first LED off and re-soldering the leads to the newly cut connector. Works! Took only 20 minutes to do the job and the only difference is that those light strips have one fewer light... pretty easy if you ask me. I'm still going to buy some replacement led strip from the Pololu site just for fun if I want to restore the full length.
  21. Since we're all living in different parts of the globe, does ambient temperature play a large role with cooling & overheating? At this time of year Florida is 30F higher than Seattle for example. Wouldn't a bot in Sothern Cali or Florida be more prone to overheating?
  22. Hi Guys, Both sides (left and right) each have a dark LED strip on one side. Removing the light rings and holding them with the outer shiny display surface upwards, it's the left strip in both modules. (When installed, the left back and the front right are dark.) I've plugged each LED strip into both possible connectors, and the connection coming from the motherboard seems good, as both #1 and #2 plugs will illuminate the working LED in each module. I think that safely rules out the circuit board as a possible problem. The dark LED flickers for a milisecond when plugged in, but then goes dark. Both strips failed at the same point in time. Does anybody have a suggestion of what would've caused this? Is it the led strip itself or something else I'm not thinking of? Thanks!
  23. Great perspectives guys! It seems like updating firmware is a needlessly risky proposition unless there's a great must-have feature. Just starting to make my first baby steps now, moving down a long carpeted hallway and trying not to touch the walls.
  24. Hi Everyone, Just took it out of the box and ninedroid says it's using 1.2.1 firmware. That seems alot older than the numbers I've seen floating around the forum. Is it important to update to 1.3 or is it just a risky venture without any reward?
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