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  1. First thing that came to mind was that they cut the WH rating off to avoid airline/customs/FedEx problems somewhere in the supply chain.
  2. Riding with a 12km/h speed limit enabled, My ninebot beeps during every tiltback.
  3. I'd think that the stats and information viewed through the app (i.e. temp, speed, battery, etc) are being generated constantly inside the wheel regardless of whether you're connected and viewing that information through the app. Simply viewing information that's already generated shouldn't affect performance of the wheel.
  4. Yes that seems like a possibility to me. I think it's a good argument for why some brands seem to limit the max speed of the wheel - they leave enough headroom to allow for a tiltback at the max allowed speed.
  5. When the motor has the bandwidth to perform a proper tiltback, the wheel is using that speed to travel underneath you and get out in front of you. It out-accellerates your body to get out there in front. Your body's center of mass shouldn't get much of a speed change - If tiltback propelled you faster, that would just feeli like normal acceleration.
  6. I don't like the feeling of turning tightly on steep inclines because the inward pedal has more tendency to scrape. I go straight up and down, but slowly. Probably 8km/hr so that running off won't be a problem.
  7. Like many aging people I've noticed that my personal desire to care about looks has diminished over the years and safety is now much more important. It can be a long transition, but once you're out of the dating pool (through marriage or otherwise) and have kids (that you want to play games with and need to provide for), it's sensible to move toward safety and away from concerning yourself with the judgements of others people about such frivolous things.
  8. The purpose of tiltback is to give you a little slap on the wrist. If tiltback is going to be used as a warning mechanism, it needs to be severe because the conditions (excessive speed, low battery) are severe and likely to cause injury. Regarding the speed up to tiltback: The only method by which a wheel can tilt back is to speed up. There is no other mechanism to produce the sensation of tilting. The software engineers have deemed it so important to warn you of low battery that they're willing to spend a higher amount of the remaining energy just to speed you up, tilt you back, and slap your wrist as a warning that a cutout is imminent.
  9. musk

    Ninebot tipped forward

    Though to be fair, the ninebot forum has about 3x the number of messages as the next most popular brands. If we use that crude measurement to estimate ownership rates, shouldn't there be 3x the number of reported problems all things considered?
  10. musk

    Ninebot tipped forward

    I don't understand how *any* wheel could have the ability to tilt you back if you overlean. If a wheel doesn't have the gusto to keep you moving forward how could it afford to spend extra energy tilting you back? Doen't a tiltback require even more energy than normal movement?
  11. For clarity, the rubber tire is distinct from the wheel in that description. Thats what I thought too. If you're achieving a larger capacity (WH) by adding more cells in parallel, the individual drain rate of each sell is lower with the larger capacity pack. No?
  12. Very interesting. I wonder what could make that sound if the motor weren't spinning. Because it doesn't appear that your friend's movement speed increased, I'm trying to brainstorm any possibilities. Perhaps if a tire was super low-pressure, the rubber could lose it's grip on the rim. The rim could spin freely inside the tire and reach safety/cutoff speed, then shuts down with two beeps? This sounds crazy I'm sure. Were there any beeps heard on the gopro?
  13. Does the high pitched sound seem like a "powered" sound or possibly an unpowered motor spinning sound? If I wheel my unpowered E+ around by hand, it will create a pretty loud motor noise whose pitch is variable with speed.
  14. Lawyer maybe advised to take it down?
  15. Ouch! I feel for your friend. Noticing the wheel is black/blue (as opposed to stock) makes me wonder if the electrical wiring was ever disconnected/reconnected when installing the black shell? (Depending on the type of paint or wrap, the black section could require a total teardown based on the video I've seen.) >edit< absolutely not trying to blame anything/anyone, just trying to diagnose any potential causes.
  16. Really looking forward to the video. Its useful to see the reality of how hard it is to recover from a malfunction. It will do everyone a service to be reminded how serious a fall could be and to wear protection.
  17. @master255, After this many weeks can you not accept that this problem is with your specific machine and not a systemic problem? Paul and everybody else do not have a hearing problem. Your wheel is the outlier. Your wheel has a special problem.
  18. This is really strange. If there is a hidden calibration mode, customers could accidentaly make changes to "calibration" through these actions. Picking up the wheel 3 times seems like something that could easily happen when a person is learning. I know that personally during my learning faze, I picked up the machine at least twice in succession just because I didn't understand why the wheel was spinning. 3 pickups isn't out of the question.
  19. With this question, I'm trying to estimate how much the community would pay to have Segway-tier electronics design and redundancy. Because there are certain things that can't be redundant in an EUC (like the motor), I limited the question to "electronics" which I'd hoped would be umbrella enough for purposes of discussion. If you look at Ninebot's history of copying Segway's stand up model, it would stand to reason that they could've copied all the safety features along with it. They've chosen not to for some reason, probably to create a more affordable product. I want to know if we think it's worth it for them to copy those safety features and pass along the cost to us.
  20. I'd personally pay a significant amount of money to reduce the points of failure in my EUC. What would you pay?
  21. Any chance that the "lock" button on a phone app was pressed, maybe inadvertently in a pocket?
  22. Lucky! Reminds me of the time that my car's brake hose failed in a Wendy's drive-thru lineup. I had just driven for 20 minutes through busy metro traffic and the brakes completely failed while approaching the window to pay for a hamburger. I cruised past the pickup window and slid into a parking spot. I guess I've already used up my good luck :/
  23. "Limonene" is what you want, It's what' commonly referred to as orange oil and is the active ingredient in goo-gone. Do not use acetone if the shell is made of ABS, as acetone will dissolve it.
  24. Being based in a metro area, I'd like to be considered a pedestrian because there are sidewalks everywhere I want to go. As a responsible adult who can ride the EUC slowly, I can safely intermingle with pedestrians without risking injury to them. However, using bike lanes is attractive. Bikes are not normally considered pedestrians but there are many bike pathways where an EUC is appropriate.
  25. I think it's safe to say that nobody else is experiencing the kind of sound that master255 is. He was one of the earliest updaters and, as such, the noise became one of the bullet-point "features" of 1.3.5. Because there's only been once occurrence of this noise being a real problem, I'd say it's overblown. It doesn't seem like the other people in the poll who selected the "fine but with whistle sound" think that it's significant, just that it's present.
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