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  1. Unfortunately accelerometers are too noisy and imprecise to track absolute position in any direction. If it were possible, game developers would've worked out how to do it in nintendo Wii games.
  2. I wonder what this metal insert is. It can't just be a tube inside the existing hole, since that would accomplish nothing. It would need to be a metal insert which is inserted into the mold before the plastic is injected, and the shape of the metal insert would need to loop around the screw hole and extend outward into the body of the surrounding area so spread out the forces.
  3. As a consumer I'm desensitized to inflated specs, causing me to not care about this. For example: When you buy a 16 gigabyte iPhone, you don't get 16 gigs of usable space. When you buy a 2TB hard drive, after it's formatted and actually available for use you don't really get 2TB When you'd buy an old CRT television (back when those were a thing), the diagonal screen measurement was practically a lie A 2x4 plank isn't 2x4". An EUC's range stat is only applicable to a certain rider weight, on flat ground, at a certain temperature. None of that "best case scenario" represents my real-world conditions. And so on. I appreciate that the OP measured the real speed, as it's handy to know.
  4. I'm a fanboy and don't care what the speed readout is. It could say 1,000,000 km/s for all I care.
  5. Although many people have mentioned a metal insert solution, I can't imagine it would fix anything since the forces would be transferred to the plastic in the same fashion as the current design. Putting loads of epoxy around it should work though.
  6. I suspect that for many manufacturers, black colored filament is is the "hot-dog meat" which absorbs all the trimmings and waste from the other production lines.
  7. Japan's conviction rate is supposedly 99%, be careful.
  8. I love hearing the thoughts of enthusiasts like Marty. If he can have a bit of fun while also providing commentary to the community, it's a win-win.
  9. musk

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    I love replacing noisy or inefficient fans in many kinds of electronics. After looking at the specs for Inmotions fan, I couldn't locate a obviously better fan on digikey. Stock specs: Power: 12v Dimensions: 40*40*20 Airflow: 14.01 CFM Pressure: 16.67 mmH20 (0.656 inH20) Noise: 45 dBa Input those specs as filters into digiKey gives very few results. This doesn't account for water-rated either. Perhaps the Lejowe spec sheet is a bunch of lies, I don't know. Widening the search results to include thinner (15mm) fans actually reveals an option from Delta which is IP55, and only 41.5dBA with roughly the same specs.
  10. musk

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    @Hsiang's video shows the pedal bracket detached. Normally this is attached to the aluminum bar via 6 screws. Did this come detached by shearing the 6 screws or by ripping them out of their tapped holes?
  11. musk

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    That warning sticker is awesome. "Remindings: Please prevent your hands from being pinche while using the putter."
  12. musk

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Does anybody have insight on how stressed hardware could continue to remain operational a high (damaging) temperature and still allow you to slow down to a stop? The delayed self-destruction is puzzling. You'd think this thing would've blown at it's most stressed, but it sounds like this thing blew while it was at rest or low use.
  13. Seat design prediction: The official Inmotion seat will replace the saddle entirely, consisting of two parts: 1) The seat portion which fastens into the 4 horizontal screw mounts (currently used to immobilize the saddle top.) 2) The current saddle "stirrups" will be covered by identical Left/Right "blanks". By designing the seat and stirrups as a separate components, the seat will be compatible with a separate kuji pads accessory which will be mounted on the stirrups (replacing the "blanks") and be affixed by the two screws above the pedals.
  14. musk

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    The "1st production batch" cap appears to do two things well: If the inner flat surface of the red cap mates against the flat bottom hex bolt surface, impacts from below are not transmitted to the valve. If the outer lip of the red cap tightly mates with the circumference of the hex bolt, sideways shocks are not transmitted to the valve. In my opinion, the red cap is a benefit as long as it remains securely installed. This problem could likely be fixed by adding a rubber friction gasket inside the body of the red cap, which creates friction against the smooth rounded inside of the hex bolt and keeps the cap from rotating loose. Because this valve cannot both remain accessible and be significantly recessed, this valve will always remain near the surface and needs some kind of cap to protect against impact. Marty's tape (or traditional plastic nubs) protect against dirt, but not pointed impacts from below. This current design appears to be sufficient if it stays securely installed, but if it gets loose it's worse than no cap at all, presenting additional risk to the valve stem.
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