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  1. I rode about 5 miles after updating when I experienced the first shut off. After that, it happened about four more times ( tried going very slow, anything not to have to carry it, and that only worked for a few hundred feet.) I walked it the remaining 3 miles back. Losing faith in this machine quickly. I have experienced about ten shut offs since buying it. Little over 90 days ago. 4 of them sending me flying at around 10 mph. Bought it off Amazon from I'm assuming China. How likley is it that a return or warrenty will be honored?
  2. In other post I've read that 1.2.2 had no issues with random cut off's and at the time my software was at 1.2.6 and I was experiencing random cut off's for no reason with plenty of battery life to spare going slow and going fast the unit would randomly turn off and send me flying forward. I am currently running the 1.3.0 software and have again experienced random cut off at around 40% battery life and at varying speeds. What do you guys think? Is it my specific unit or is it a problem that's bigger like the software or at the manufacturing?
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