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  1. Much better now. But not the cheapest price. (only good if you need a single item). Good price for US but not for China. I fixed my board. Problem was with my motherboard. Thank you.
  2. Are you kidding? No way, I bought all electronics for cheaper price.
  3. Do you think we need a New motherboard?
  4. Thanks for reply, But as I said when I push the button on the all board lights are on in the same time. And when I pushed button on and hold it 5 and more seconds, nothing change just one beep and lights still on, no any flashing lights. Any other idea?
  5. Hi. I got a hoverbord. It worked fine but one day I was trying to calibrate it and I think I messed it up. Now my all lights on and I can't do anything with it. I disconnected the battery for reset, no luck, No any reaction, just all lights on. I need your help to resolve my problem.
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