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  1. Let us know when you post a video of this, and please provide the link... I'm considering upgrading.. Thanks!
  2. it looks like you are using a Water Jug... Is that strong enough structurally?
  3. So Max Speed on MS Msuper is 45kmh according to their Gotway App?
  4. @esaj thanks for clarifying, does this mean it will not actually "SHUT DOWN" at max speed, it will just put you in a position where it cannot keep up? If so that is GREAT and provides a lot more confidence when riding this. I would get 2 beeps and 3 beeps, then fear for my life that it was going to cut power on me. Apparently that fear is not justified.
  5. I consider "cut out" total loss of power or 0 watts or OFF. it appear not to do any if those things in the video, in fact the power usage increased which leads me to beleive it was overleaned and could only give 2000 watts when it really needed 5000 as an example. It did not drop to 0 which I would have expected it a cut-out. @EUC Extreme ,thank YOU for putting your own health at risk to test this out. I've seen this video before and thought about the danger involved, and your commitment to this sport and pushing it to the "Extreme" I respect it and if you're ever in the States and we
  6. Hello, I upgraded to a MSuper shortly after unlocking my IPS191. It has some scratches, and a couple adhesive go-pro mounts on it (bonus?) but it should have thousands of KM remaining in life It comes with 2 Chargers I paid $1,100 for it a few months back. I would like $800 OBO and I will ship UPS Ground. if you are not a recognized member of this forum, I will post in eBay for both of our safety... If there are no offers soon I will post on Ebay anyway. Note in the pic, it does not come with the Flashlight, taillight or the Sony action cam. PM me if interested.
  7. @EUC Extreme In your video, what do you think made you fall? It looks like there was no cut-off. I was guessing over-leaning and it didn't have the power to keep up since the wattage spiked. Also does anyone know the KMH limit on the 3 versions before cutoff?
  8. This is VERY interesting because there NEVER was an actual "CUT OFF" based on the metrics there, . Watching that video it appears once the Wattage exceeded 1200 for more than 1 second (meaning a true 1200 watts average) i'm guessing it over-tilted, even though the wattage then increased to 2K at some point during the fall which is interesting... did it actually ever "Cut Out" or did we witness over-leaning and the 1800-2K watts we saw spike were actually the wheels attempt to catch him back up?
  9. Thankfully I have never experienced a cutout, and I believe i've pushed this thing pretty hard from a Wattage standpoint, but not so much speed out of fear of a faceplant. Has anyone experienced a cut-out on the MSuper 2? Is there a hard speed limit that it cuts out at? Or is there more a Wattage exceeded after a certain speed combination? For example I know @logos122 has a high speed version and will try to keep wattage under 1000 when riding > 30kmh (correct me if i'm wrong). Could he theoretically go to 50kmh as long as wattage was under a certain number? It would be nice to k
  10. Someone called it a "HoverBall" I thought that was pretty witty.
  11. @Frankman that 2nd turning style where you bend your leg is EXACTLY how I am used to turning... now that with the MSuper there is no room between my calf and the body of the EUC I cannot allow the unit to tilt which makes perfect sense now that I can actually SEE what I was doing! So I will try to ride with my feet halfway on the pedals which is NOT ideal, but It should give me the "play" I need between my calves and the body of the EUC... Thanks for posting that link, it's exactly what I needed to see!!
  12. Initially I went through the "I give up" and "this is impossible" phase, in fact I exhausted myself the first day trying to just go 2 feet. I did not use the training wheels or strap because of what I read bout it hindering your learning so it was HARD! I learned that you have to lean into your falls and trust the wheel to catch up, also going faster makes it easier to balance.. after a few days I was able to ride circles around my car on a 16" IPS wheel, then after a week I was able to ride long distances and after 3 weeks I was able to hop up and down curbs! Here is where I regr
  13. Also newer Android phones do not have the "Menu" or "Options" buttons so on the main screen you have to Long-Press the "multi-window" button for the menu to come up.
  14. Kells


    In Detroit, I get a lot of reactions, like; "cool!", "awesome!" "holy shxt!" and "WTF Is That!?". I even had a couple cars wave me down and ask about it, in fact most recently I was in an unfamiliar area when the car full of people flagged me down, I was nervous to stop, but I could see 4 young kids in the back all pressed against the window with huge smiles looking at me so I stopped and they were so amazed by it. I had a bum yell out "woah! that's a bad mother fxcker!" that cracked me up! Recently someone intelligently asked me about the power capacity and said we need more peo
  15. @logos122 dude you ride soo fast, what kind of accident!?!? btw, I was the one who asked you about max speed / cutoffs on Instagram a few days ago. EDIT: Nevermind, I read your post, it just didn't register with me that you were the same person... Ironically your post was the reason I wear the moto jacket and helmet I DM'd you about in Insta. Crazy coincidence.
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