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  1. @GyroRideRz hi, i’m from Spain and i want to buy some v2 gloves. On your website there is only one shipping option for € 17 / 48h. I would like to know if you can add a simpler and cheaper shipping, in exchange for waiting more. I don't need them in 48 hours. with this sun it would be impossible to put them
  2. It is bad news but it is perfectly understood. Those of us who have purchased a unit will be delighted to know when you reactivate the project.
  3. That would be the perfect addition to my future purchased EyeRide HUD. Please consider adding support to the app. This campaign was first launched on Kickstarter and was successfully completed. Now there is a second chance at Indiegogo
  4. this version I think is a prototype. It is not the final version, so do not pay attention if the trolley is included
  5. Hello, are you working to adapt to iOS11 and iPhone x? Please, we need it
  6. Congratulations and very interesting explanation. Please continue explaining your evolution and upload more photos to see the status
  7. Osram

    Black pads

    If @SuperSport lived in Spain it would be interesting to go and shoot together. For my joy I just want to paint the pads, and for that I am trained, it is not difficult.
  8. Osram

    Black pads

    Wow, it really is very beautiful. I just want the black pads and you've convinced me, I'm going to buy the vinyl spray
  9. Osram

    Black pads

    thank you very much. Can you put some quality photos to see what the result is on your pads?
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