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  1. Hi, I have the 14c for 4 years, I just now decided to connect it to thr app, hit the update and it bricked my wheel. Only three lights turn on And before the app, the 14c worked perfect
  2. That looks like the touch sensor for the Bluetooth, or the light sensor
  3. Thanks I think I will give Jason an email on my situation, it sucks cause my 14c was in great condition until I paired it with the app
  4. well i have a 14c and worked well until i decided to use the KS app and it started tilting forward as i accelerated. and now it won't turn on, only the lights. wonder if KS had anything to do with that so i would have to upgrade........
  5. hi, i was hoping there was one, i haven't seen any group rides in a while
  6. Hi, i got the samsung gear s3 and downloaded tbe wheel log app for the warch, when you open the app on the watch and touch the watch icon on the adroid app nothing happens. Is there an extra setting i need to do ?
  7. I can be there by 11 is that ok ? I can be earlier if you want... Tell me Where we gonna meet same place ?
  8. fully chared i rode 4 hrs and still had charge, but just in case thanks... See what time...
  9. Hi guys... Count me in for Sunday
  10. I can say I do both depending on the situation, but if my feet are in that sweet spot ill just hold on to a pole when I stop at the corner.
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