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  1. / Hey, So let me just get you to clarify a few things for me. Is the MCU and bridgedriver combined? What microcontroller is best to use. Those what you mentioned above? If the bridge driver is not included in the MCU. what bridgedriver is used. How is the H bridge configured? Filters, dead times, current sense shunts. Does the bridge driver just take care of most passive components? What IMU is being used? 6050? Aren't there massive amounts of avail lib and documentation for this chip? Advanced controls and filters. I think we could just pull from quad copter control system source codes readily avail from multiple open sources. What are you using the program the MCU what does the IDE environment look like? Useful debugging tools? Lets get this thing back up and going I feel motivated. As far as I'm concerned. HW is the least concerning part.. I think you agree. I'm not a stellar programmer. But I'm super resourceful, have access to proficient programmers and can do a hell of a cut a paste job on available code to make stuff work. Mo Mo
  2. What the heck.. That is sad.. Also, I really still see a need for this.. What the heck do I do if I ever blow up my controllers now in my 15km/h and 30km/h EUC. I'll post my schematics for the 304B board.. I had costed and BOMed out that board. It was cost effective and simple enough as a good enough foundation to start with. We can get back into it and have a look at your code. EVL was a bit nuts to be honest. Always a bit hostile and most of the reason why I originally kinda flaked off and left. Smart but only willing to do it his way or the highway. What was wrong with just open source stuff with everything available without getting into all this open commons licenses and crap. .To me, open source means the person who made it shares it and doesn't care if people try to make money or whatever off of it.. It's all open. if you have the initiative to find a way to make money from technology that is available to you and everyone. Then Kudos and that's open source. Mo
  3. CRAP!.,. I realized I never ended up posting the schematics for the 304B board from microworks.. How crappy of me. What a waste of my time :D Any value in it anymore? Mo
  4. Guys, Forgive me.. Also try not to overly flame me. I've been MIA for a while.. Death in the family and killer busy.. Sneaking off at work to write this quick note.. What is the status of HW and SW build for EUC? Last I left off about 2-3 years ago. EVL had some custom firmware spinning up a motor using generic 15km/h hw. When I also left off I had posted the schematics of the 304B microworks board. Is that board still relevant and useful? I had it all reverse engineering minus the firmware ;D In a nut shell what is the status of Custom firmware and hardware. I was always most interested in the ability to have one controller work with multiple wheels. This was the issue I always wanted sorted. I quick summary would be endlessly appreciated. Mo
  5. Guys... I'm back! what did I miss? Lol.. A lot obviously Mo
  6. Mystamo

    EUC basics comic

    Super cool. Cute for a lack of better words Mo
  7. Hey guys, Put my source files and STL on thingiverse. Please have a look ! Open source under Creative Commons http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1370948 Keep posted for ongoing improvements. Mo
  8. Hey Guys, Tried to publish this on Thingiverse but my account is too new and I need to wait 24h. I will post it here first and post it on thingiverse when I can. Hope you guys enjoy these 3D printable parts and are able to print your own. @electric_vehicle_lover it be great to see you print somthing similar to this. You didn't give me a chance to refine it before I published but I'm already printing new top portions like the files included with rounded edges. Enjoy Mo EUC 3D Files.zip
  9. @electric_vehicle_lover Thanks Maybe you can print one of your own? Here is a video of the new EUC in Action. Regards, Mo
  10. @Tomek I used an evaluation version of Solidworks. I'm not a CAD expert by any means but I can proto some nifty things when the call is made. ABS is hard to work with Bleh.. I might consider doing a carbon wrap on this PLA @MetricUSA Hey thanks for the post. Metric and USA don't mix. A bit of an oxymoron. As for cutting myself. The edges are a bit sharp for my liking. It's no knifes edge tho. I was indenting on putting some foam around that area but I'm starting to think now that I might do another redesign. I learn a bit each time about what I would like to do next to make it better. Never been much of a plan before you engineer type of engineer. I was working on this new model this weekend. I know some people were asking for the CAD files and STL's I'll put those up as soon as I figure out my final design. Stay tuned. So far tho. My ver 2 feels a lot better and went together a lot easier as well. Hope you all enjoy. P.S I didn't try and calibrate the board horizontal. I have plenty of space on both sides if I wanted to add more batts. I might consider a horizontal design in the future. Mo
  11. @Tomek Hey thanks, I used PLA, I can use ABS too and it would most likely be favorable as it's a little more durable and flexible when it comes to impacts. But, ABS tends to shrink too much and lead to warped parts when printing big things. I would need a heated chamber for my printer to print them well. The FMW parts are working great. I've done some extensive reverse engineering on the controller and it's pretty straight forward. Very similar to the Gotway. As for the motor, i've used these hub motors on ebikes a long time. They are reliable and can take a lot of abuse. On EUC's the worse that can happen is a magnet gets dislodged or a bearing goes. I doubt these motors heat up enough with our usage to take out a Hall or coil. HK batteries 4s 3000mah 25C. I just wired them up with Andersons and hook them up in series. I use a modified meanwell supply and charge it at 65.6v letting each cell reach 4.1v before the supply cuts off. I cycle the batteries between 3.4v and 4.1v and every so often I use a battery medic to balance all the cells to a certain voltage and keep bulk charging. @Oily Thanks, the unicycle runs great. I'll post a video. You don't notice the batteries to one side. @esaj I was going to mention the Wh calculation but Tomek beat me to it Its not a bad capacity. I haven't tested range yet. @Óscar Ramos Melero Thanks, I'll try and post the STL files as soon as I'm done the new design. It's worth the wait. Goes together better. But I might just post the files here. I don't really post on thingiverse. I just download. I'll post a video on youtube today. It was a quick one I took it's quite terrible. But you'll get the idea. Regards, Mo
  12. Hey Guys, Thought I would share. 3D printed a body for my Fasion Micro Works Motor and Controller. I had to print the parts in smaller segments and hold things together with nuts and bolts but so far it's been working great. I took a couple of spills as well and it didn't do too badly. I've recently changed my design a little bit and am in the process of reprinting. Hopefully soon I'll have the new one together. My newer version is a bit easier to put together and is a little less wide for more comfort when I ride. Hope you all like. I can share the STL files if anyone whats to have a go. You just need to make sure you print everything with the Z axis as the direction of least force. So most every part on it's side. I was also running out of filament so the prototype ended up looking like a Jamaican Flag. Regards, Mo More Pics..
  13. Not sure why my name was referenced. I don't care for licenses and such. This is just open sourced knowledge I hope anyone can share and use. If you want to sell things and make a business out of it. By all means. Design your own stuff and go see a lawyer. For me. Share share share. Keep open. Ive been slacking to finish the rev 2 board schematics. I hope it can be used as a reference for repair and. Custom firmware. Hopefully finish this week. Mo
  14. Perhaps this brings us back to the possibility of using the GEN 2 hardware since the GEN 1 as I had posted a while earlier is an outdated and in efficient design in running the EUC. I've finally finished putting the board schematics together. Here is a sneak peak. I'll post the schematics into the hardware forum after I make a few more corrections and modifications. I still need to route this board. But i'm waiting for feedback as well as improvements and added features before I waste my time doing that. Great work so far on the firmware . Regards, Mo
  15. The bms most likely has a PTC on it that saved your batteries. The only thing you can really damage on that connector by shorting to something is your battery as it is connected to it in parallel. I doubt you could hurt anything else. The bms saved you and it took some time for it to cool off before it started functioning. My best guess. Stop measuring the voltage like that Mo
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