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  1. Isn't range basically the most important thing here? Get whichever wheel can get you the furthest before recharging. I can't imagine the small differences in riding style (that ultimately are subjective anyway) playing a big enough part to make your decision
  2. Going to do my absolute best to be at the western start for 10. Anyone know of any sure thing parking?
  3. Hoping to join you guys for this one!
  4. Not only has this never happened to me, but I have a hard time getting close friends or family to even say they're willing to give it a try
  5. I have a 2020 Honda CB300R, new to riding though
  6. Any good routes I should know about? Places I could explore to try and find new riding spots? I'm also british living in LA so I don't even know the geography that well. Realise now my post wasn't very clear at all haha, that's what you get for posting at 3am
  7. Hey guys, There are a lot of meet-ups in LA but I’ve never been able to make it to one. A lot of them end up being quite far from me and it hasn’t worked out. Are there ever any meet-ups in the valley? I live in Sherman Oaks and I’m looking for some fun routes to ride. I’ve spent some time doing laps around Balboa lake which I like, but that’s about it. Would love some advice even if we can’t get a group together Thanks, Jamie
  8. Haha nope seriously! from 250lbs i'm currently 165ish
  9. I recently lost 85lbs and I can definitely notice a difference when I ride!
  10. I've definitely seen a couple of threads de-railed by some seemingly unnecessary aggression, but in general I would agree with you! I imagine people realise this hobby is pretty small, so it's probably a relief to find other people as passionate as you are!
  11. If the law is to stop privately owned machines on the bike paths, no one has informed the police yet. I regularly ride my EUC down the ocean bike paths with no problems right in front of police. The geo-blocking of the rentals is certainly frustrating if I have friends who want to join me though
  12. Looks like it will be a lot of fun for anyone who's only experience is with Bird/Lime, but probably not going to be a favourite for the more hardcore enthusiasts who can get more power for less money
  13. I could also be down for an afternoon ride tomorrow!
  14. Jambo


    Congrats! A week ago it would have been worth about 2/3 of what it is today too, so that's an extra comeup. Feel free to do your own research before selling, but the sentiment online at the moment is that we're going to have some substantial growth soon. Might want to hold onto it a little longer
  15. Jambo


    It's definitely worth checking what you might have tucked away. Try not to think of it as shares though, bitcoin isn't a company. Some ok points in this article but they're the same points that people have been making for the past 10 years unfortunately and as you know it's been substantial growth over this 10 year period. Also, there are lots of other "coins" other than btc that are building things on the blockchain with real world uses. It is of course early, but I think it's an exciting space to be in
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