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  1. Happy New Year to the EU community and to my friends who are Ninebot One owners. I recently started to push my Ninebot rides a little further than just down the hill to play in a parking lot or go grab a few groceries and cruise back home. Last week, I first went about 7 miles (Hollywood Hills) and made it back home with about 30% battery life left. Yesterday, I got a little more bold and went up through the Hollywood Hills surrounding neighborhoods until low battery indicator sound started coming on. At this point I was a good 2 miles from home. I shut the little guy off and started to walk back down the same way I came and was thinking about calling an Uber. But I decided to turn it back on and see what I could get out of it before it would kick me back. Going slow I started to ride it down the hill as most of my riding had been climbing. And I noticed that the steeper the decline of the street the more battery life I was gaining with the bot. Eventually my software was reading that I had gained a good 4 miles of battery life. It was incredible to first hand experience the Ninebot gaining battery life back while riding down hill. I don't know if that is recommend long term for the unit but wanted to share with you in case you get into a jam and have the option of descending to potentially milk some battery life out of it. I've ridden 101 total miles based on the software readout and I love it more and more. The hills here are long a steep and the little dude cruises up with no problem. Those Speedyfeet.uk videos have also been a huge benefit!
  2. Hey everyone, new to the forum and to the Ninebot One community. I have to tell you guys living up here in Hollywood with the hills I was hoping that the little guy would be perfect for getting up and down the hills to run quick errands and it does everything I was hoping it would do. It will even go up Whitley which if you live in the area you know how steep this famous street is. I was trying to find a stand for it and ended up buying from Guitar Center a stand called the On Stage Stands it was around $25.00 us and it works amazing. It basically rests on the wheel and the pad for your legs. It also folds up easy too. Just thought I would share it in case you are looking for a sturdy stand to house your Ninebot One. Merry Christmas, G~ Ninebot One
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