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  1. Heh, nyt on vielä alla ninebot, kesällä ristiäisiin menin sillä ja joku nappasi muutaman kuvan. Saa käyttää tähän musaprojektiin, jos kelpaa.
  2. Nonni - nyt lähti MadMike tilaukseen! Eihän tässä voi ainoana jättää pyörää talvitauolle. Pitää kyllä vielä lisäkitkaa saada - ruuvattavia nastoja tms? Ideat tervetulleita.
  3. EUC extreme lienee se kuuluisin talviajaja, etsi huvin vuoksi pari sen YouTube videota. 😄 Kyllä talvirenkaat on aika pakolliset, jos haluaa liukkaalla ajella. Itse olen tähän mennessä pitänyt talven taukoa.
  4. Moikka! Kiva nähdä uusia nimiä täällä ja uusia 1pyöräilijöitä kaduilla. Hyvin näkyy sinulta suomi sujuvan, mutta on ihan ok myös kirjoittaa sekakieltä; englantia vaan väliin, jos se on helpompaa. Pitkää lämmintä syksyä toivottaen, Skara @mrelwood: kiitos Mad Mike -vihjeestä! Aloin jo miettimään, josko tekisi tästä ensimmäisen 1pyörä-talven... tähän mennessä olen aina parkkeerannut pyörän talveksi varastoon.
  5. Laitetaan nyt tänne vielä todisteet... pyörät ja kypärät. Kypäristä näkee selvästi keiden pyörillä pääsee kovempaa. 😄 Oli kiva tavata! Harmi, että itsellä oli vähän tiukka aikataulu
  6. Reviving this thread. I'm upgrading from an 9b1 E+ and the V8 still looks like the most attractive wheel to me even though it's a couple of years old. I want 16" inches with front light and trolley handle. The question is: where should I buy? I need shipping to Finland and would like some warranty. SpeedyFeet in UK has it for 1000€, amazon.de/InMotion has it for 705€. AliExpress/InMotion has it for 770€. Amazon.de looks like a good deal, but I'd love any info regarding seller reliability etc.
  7. I’ve taught about 30 people to ride EUCs. With the kids, I’ve been faced with the decision of when to let them venture out into the wide world on their own. A gut feeling for when they’re ready would work fine if it wasn’t for the arguments… “why can’t I go, I’m as good as she is!” So I want to make a simple set of skill tests which all need to be passed before leaving the practice area. The first four are obviously trivial, and are there just to provide an encouraging progress meter. “Yay, I earned a pass on this one!” I know there’s a ton of tricks you can learn, but except for the first four, I kept them to what I feel are genuinely useful in practice. I'd like the check list to be compact, not a list of everything you can do, and I want to divide it into the mandatory and the nice-to-learn. To set the context, we live in Finland and the kids know how and where to drive a bicycle, use a helmet, and are generally sensible. And I won't buy an EUC that goes more than 25 km/h. So basic traffic safety is not considered here. Below is my current work-in-progress. All feedback is really welcome - any additions, deletions, re-formatting, proof-reading, clarifying. (Personally, if I had to leave just one, the "figure 8s" test would be it. It's a fairly good meter of overall agility.) The aim is to create a neat “EUC basics and driver’s licence” document, perhaps with some pics. Lecture on EUC limits: lift only by the handle and only when turned off, beware of potholes/rocks due to small wheel, low friction on mud/leaves/etc, dangerous power limits (uphill at fast speed, low battery), obey wheel warning signs: pedal tilt-back, beeps Stay on the wheel for 5 seconds Complete a circle turning left Complete a circle turning right Go down a curb, 10 cm / 4 inches or more Drive up a steep slope, turn in the middle, drive down, turn, drive up Three consecutive unassisted mounts and dismounts Three consecutive figure eights (8s) inside the space of a one car parking space, 2.5 x 5 m / 8 x 16 feet The above is the minimum level for independent driving among other people! Until all of the above are easy, stay in a safe practice area, such as an empty parking lot. The following tasks are inspirational (but also useful). Turn-on-a-dime 90° (maneuvering in tight spaces becomes easier) Turn-on-a-dime 180° (maneuvering in tight spaces becomes easier) Go up a curb, 10 cm / 4 inches or more (more freedom when choosing routes) Ride two EUCs (useful for transport, e.g. taking a wheel to a friend) Sit-and-slide/crawl, i.e. sit on wheel with knees on the pedals and slowly creep forward when needed (useful when queueing – you get a seat and don't need to carry the wheel – also, this is often OK in places where riding would be prohibited) Hop along with one leg on the ground, one on a pedal (useful for moving small distances in crowded places, and a precursor to one-legged riding) One-legged riding (useful for resting your feet and re-positioning them) Riding backwards (maneuverability increases)
  8. Exactly my thoughts! I first got a C+ to learn on two years ago, quickly got an E+ for a second wheel, and our grown-up daughter got an E+ too. Having all three wheels the same brand has been invaluable regarding repairs - changing a punctured tyre is much faster the second time around, and I got an extra burned-mother-board C+ for spare parts. I lust after the V10 but the Ninebot synergies in our family are strong...
  9. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll keep an eye on it! Maybe the manufacturer's pressure guidance assumes a BIcycle, which would halve the stress per tyre compared to a unicycle?
  10. Tässä se kuva ensimmäisestä Helsinki-miitistä, allekirjoittanut ilman kypärää (hyi minua!). Oli tosiaan kiva päästä kokeilemaan muita pyöriä. KingSong oli hyvin samankaltainen kuin 9b1, Gotway puolestaan... erilainen... sellainen letkeä reggae-tuntuma. Ehkä soft-asetusten ja kovan renkaan yhteisvaikutusta. Kiitos kaikille, oli hauska tavata!
  11. Aika kyllä sopii, laitoin kalenteriin! 85% todennäköisyydellä saavun paikalle - rouva jo nukkuu, joten täytyy jättää tuo pieni 15% varaus, mutta eiköhän tuo onnistu. Koetan houkutella loppuperhettäkin mukaan (1pyörillä siis heitäkin).
  12. When I had to take the wheel apart for another reason I took advantage of the situation and replaced the default Kenda that 9b1 comes with with this: http://www.bike-discount.de/en/buy/schwalbe-big-apple-performance-16x2.00-wired-448784 it has "level 4 puncture protection", whatever that means in practice. At least Schwalbe has put in some effort regarding punctures, and I hoped it would provide a good mixture of safety, riding comfort and range, as I don't like to ride with a hard tyre. I did not try to measure the range before and after, so I have no evidence on whether the range part worked out, but it does feel nice. For my other 9b1 I recently got a bottle of slime, but have not yet gotten around to applying it: http://www.slime.com/us/products/bike/sealants/
  13. My rear light mod, 5€ and fits within the groove completely so survives falls nicely. Use epoxy to glue the magnet.
  14. Tänään kiertelin turistina Turussa keskiaikaistapahtuman liepeillä, Linnavuorella, urheilupuistossa. Huomenna varmaan taas, n. puolenpäivän aikoihin.
  15. Having now taught about 20 people to ride, I quite confidently say the fastest way to learning is having two friends who jog along on both sides so you can lean on their shoulders for support. Since the wheel is more stable at higher speeds, you figure out more quickly how the balancing works. Then you can start learning to ride slowly on your own, which is much harder. If you are on your own in the beginning it takes maybe four times as long. And it's more fun with friends! Details:
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