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  1. You can check out this comparison on the Speedway models on Envyride. Otherwise, may I suggest that you have a look at the FalconPEV scooters, Zero8, zero10x and so on. I have yet to try them personally but I really like the specifics and they are far lighter than the Minimotor's models. Good luck as for the InMotion it did have some early issues but the models you see in stores now have been upgraded so these should be fixed by now. The scooter is decent at best, I'd probably go with the Xiaomi or ES4 from Ninebot/segway instead if I was looking at something smaller.
  2. @Annsegers, I know I am a bit late to the party. I would highly suggest that you take a look at Tomoloo. They have solid quality and are cool looking with flashing lights, bluetooth and so on. Pricepoint is good for that one. Did a comparison on a few a while back but they launched further models so I need to get my hands on those before I can update the review. https://www.hands-free-segway.reviews/self-balancing-scooter/reviews/tomoloo-hoverboard-review/
  3. The article is very old but I'd like to give you a suggestion as when I read the comment above I got a bit frustrated that a retailer of these products as I am myself too doesn't know that the 10" is out of the question. Sure if you ride only smooth surfaces with exact pressure in the tires it might not go off in half. But I myself weighing only 78kg have snapped at least 2 frames in the middle riding off-road in the woods. These are mainly built of aluminum. I know for a fact that the Swagtron hoverboard has an increased durability over the standard boards. I haven't dissected one yet though so why this is I don't know. But its advertised for being more heavy-duty. Best regards, Tobias www.hands-free-segway.reviews
  4. The Razor hoverboard As many of you might know by now Amazon cut all the suppliers of hoverboards out of the picture on December 12th. From the beginning the only two hoverboards available where the Jetson and Razor models. Both these received an unfair amount of trash from (what I think) is former suppliers trash talking their devices only because they couldn't sell their devices on Amazon due to them not having the proper paperwork/documentation. What caused this was those bad quality battery issues. Manufacturers had tried to cut down to much on prices trying to make a few bucks more by using false marked Lithium-ion batteries, these battery's where market with the Samsung company logo and a total rip-off. This is what caused the hoverboard fires. Although this isn't something new that Lithium-ion batteries may cause fires or explosion (No explosion has been reported yet thought from my understanding). Way back i think it was the Iphone 3 or 4 that had issues and cases where phones literally exploded in users pockets. Even though this was a security issue it was not common. As it is with these hoverboards, fires aren't common. They are caused mostly by people leaving the charger in for too long with a battery that has no overcharge cut or misuse. These aren't always the case but most of the times the products hasn't been used as safely as they should be. Due to all these bad reviews we took it upon us to make an honest review of the Razor hoverboard and also the Jetson hoverboard. These two are perfectly good products and they both fit different persons/users. You can find both our reviews on our site. For the Razor hovertrax hoverboard review click here / For the Jetson self-balancing scooter review click here. We hope that these reviews may help you choose reliable products from two reliable brands and fend off those bad reviewing crybabies.
  5. Hi guys I would gladly like to contribute to this subject and also give you a reason why you should check this one out. It has the highest top speed of 15 mph, very good quality and since this is for a kids... It has 3 different user-levels. Your kid can ride it at the entry level(1), but the best part is the whole family can enjoy it and your kid won't outgrow it! We actually made an extensive review about the robot turbo here http://www.hands-free-segway.reviews/self-balancing-scooter/reviews/robotturbo-review-best-hoverboard/. Hope you find what you want but I can surely recommend the above product. It is the best/funniest device we've tested so far and it has an incredible recharge time of 50 minutes which is good when you have kids. Mine are 8 & 10 and they both love riding it our oldest rides it at level 2 now. Good luck in choosing the right product for your kid!
  6. We at www.hands-free-segway.reviews stumbled upon this forum. We recently reviewed the latest self-balancing scooter device called the Robotturbo and we found that there are a lot of chines advertisers here on the forum which are advertising very bad models/brands which do not actually work correctly or at least not as good as they should with the thought of how much money is spent on one of these scooters. Hence we felt we would like to draw some more attention to this device. We are in no way in business with this brand and we make our reviews with heart and quality in mind. If a product is good they'll get our blessing and if it is bad we will be throwing it out the window and you guys will definitely hear about it! This scooter is one of the most well built high quality products at this moment. There are sure to come a few new ones in the near future but for the moment this one is the top pick hoverboard. It has a max speed of 15 mph which is incredibly fast. It has a travel distance of 15 miles. How can it be so fast and go this far then you might ask yourself. Well that is because it has a double set up of batteries. Yes, it has 2 x HQ samsung lithium batteries with their newest fast charge technology which won't only make this device go far. It gives is a fantastic recharge time of 50 minutes. So if you run out of battery you won't have to plug it in for long before your out on the streets riding it again! There you have some basic information about this device and if we got you hooked you can either check it up on amazon or read our extensive Robotturbo review here. And also what we came here for. If you've had any thoughts about a product and would like us to review it, please leave a comment and we'll see if we can you our honest pointers/review on that product! Beneath you can see a picture of the device!
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