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  1. Hands free segway

    Best website for hoverboard reviews? Anyone?

    @Annsegers, I know I am a bit late to the party. I would highly suggest that you take a look at Tomoloo. They have solid quality and are cool looking with flashing lights, bluetooth and so on. Pricepoint is good for that one. Did a comparison on a few a while back but they launched further models so I need to get my hands on those before I can update the review. https://www.hands-free-segway.reviews/self-balancing-scooter/reviews/tomoloo-hoverboard-review/
  2. Hands free segway

    Weight limit for hoverboards

    The article is very old but I'd like to give you a suggestion as when I read the comment above I got a bit frustrated that a retailer of these products as I am myself too doesn't know that the 10" is out of the question. Sure if you ride only smooth surfaces with exact pressure in the tires it might not go off in half. But I myself weighing only 78kg have snapped at least 2 frames in the middle riding off-road in the woods. These are mainly built of aluminum. I know for a fact that the Swagtron hoverboard has an increased durability over the standard boards. I haven't dissected one yet though so why this is I don't know. But its advertised for being more heavy-duty. Best regards, Tobias www.hands-free-segway.reviews
  3. Hands free segway

    Need a self balancing scooter for a kid

    Hi guys I would gladly like to contribute to this subject and also give you a reason why you should check this one out. It has the highest top speed of 15 mph, very good quality and since this is for a kids... It has 3 different user-levels. Your kid can ride it at the entry level(1), but the best part is the whole family can enjoy it and your kid won't outgrow it! We actually made an extensive review about the robot turbo here http://www.hands-free-segway.reviews/self-balancing-scooter/reviews/robotturbo-review-best-hoverboard/. Hope you find what you want but I can surely recommend the above product. It is the best/funniest device we've tested so far and it has an incredible recharge time of 50 minutes which is good when you have kids. Mine are 8 & 10 and they both love riding it our oldest rides it at level 2 now. Good luck in choosing the right product for your kid!