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  1. I have the zero and very happy with the weight. Easy to step off and start carrying
  2. Supersmi

    MCM or ACM

    The decission has been taken! The ACM has been ordered....the waiting has begun :-) I think I should buy some protection for this beast as well :-)
  3. Supersmi

    MCM or ACM

    the ACM is not totally smaller. I think it's thinner (width) then the MCM
  4. Supersmi

    MCM or ACM

    Hi Guys, I've been very happy with my IPS Zero 14inch 340 Wh but would like to have something with some extra power/speed. Therefore I'm hesitating between the Gotway ACM and MCM HS. The ACM is the new stallion of Gotway and is very promising but is on it's first revision and may still have some small issues. The MCM has a proven track record. My working theory is that since I already have a 14 inch wheel, maybe I should switch to a 16 inch wheel. Especially since the ACM has a smaller body then the MCM. I think they are comparable on speed level, but the ACM should have some extra torque What would be your opinion?
  5. I think this is the place to read more info about the topic: http://mashable.com/2016/03/16/segway-hoverboard-patent/#Ks1xHv91pZqy
  6. I had similar reactions. Younger people looking very interested everywhere I go. Older people asking immediately what it was. And same as you: Did you bring your vacuum cleaner :-). That last one didn't come from only one person. But we have to admit....the IPS Zero kind of looks like a vacuum cleaner :-)
  7. @JurgenIt's indeed good value to buy the IPS Zero for that money in China but my point of view about Monowiel.be and other local distributors is that they are not charging too much for the IPS Zero or their EUC in general. It's just that they (and other local distributors) buy something and then resell it with added value and service. That service takes time and investment from their side. I'm thinking about their pre sales efforts like advice and availability within local countries. And of course after sales tasks like having a person locally to actually go to in case of problems. We are people who want to invest time and effort in looking everything up on the net, ordering in China, waiting for a long time and not being sure what will arrive, how it will arrive, how much we'll have to pay more to customs and not be sure if a solution will be provided when there is a problem. Other people prefer to go to a "local" shop and spend more money to not bother for all of the above. From my point of view they are providing that choice to end users, which is a good thing and If those € 250 makes it worth, then local distributors have the extra value
  8. @Jurgen 770 USD, which was the price received from IPS. I had no extra costs for import from customs
  9. Happy new year guys! Here is the video of the IPS Zero unboxing. The quality is not that good. That's because it's my first unboxing video ever and it was shot with an iphone. Regarding my progress on the cycle, due to these holidays I was only able to practice once so stay tuned for more news on my progress :-) https://youtu.be/Oo4u5OfTzDI
  10. @Jug & @playdad, thanks for living towards this moment with me :-) I hope to learn quickly because jumping on and of after 2 meters is fatiguing :-) Thank you for your advise so far!
  11. Yes Yes, I got it !!! It arrived yesterday and I unpacked it already and made my first unpacking video. As soon as transfer the movie from my phone I'll post it here somewhere. @Tom, RunRui is solid, go for it. She kept her promise and was able to deliver. Despite of the setback we had with the first forwarder she was able to deliver 12 days after sending through the second forwarder. I paid 77 USD for the 340 version including shipping and no taxes whatsoever. @Nicholas I'm from Gent in Belgium (that"s the place that you guys refer to as the parking lot :-)
  12. My UPS package is moving. My IPS came into europe via Amsterdam and is now on it's way to my town. Expected delivery is tomorrow ... :-) :-) :-)
  13. @Jug Congratulations! I received mail from IPS today telling that my package was picked up from our airport in Brussels today and that I should receive it today or tomorrow. I'll also put it under my tree and then join you in bringing the Unicycle to our streets here in belgium :-) I read that you are happy with you supplier on AliExpress....maybe I'll use him for my next purchase (Gotway MSuper 18") (If i'm crazy enough and the zero is real fun)
  14. @Jug I think mine will be picked up by ups on Monday. It should take them max 2 days to get it to me so just in time for new year. I will post the outcome here. Good luck to both of us!
  15. Got news from IPS : "Our forwarder mean that the package will be picked up on next monday, it has been cleared the custom already" I assume the package is already in my country and will be picked up this monday....there is still hope to get to get it this year. This also means they are still able to ship to Belgium and probably the whole area as well.
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