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  1. Thank you for the link. Still think I'm leaning towards the ks16.
  2. Bonsoir, Not a complete Newbie, but not that experienced - circa 800km each on Ninebot E+ and Ninebot S2. E+ broken and S2 stolen. Thinking of a new wheel. Narrowed it down to KS 16/Inmotion V8/Gotway ACM 16 820wh. Leaning towards KS16. What do you think? MBC.
  3. From a very smart and beautifully dressed elderly lady, carrying her little dog through the streets of Lyon, France; "Ooh La La, Monsieur, c'est trop élégant" "Oh my, Monsieur, that's so graceful" MBC
  4. Sorry for the slow reply. By no means am an expert. Just short of 1000k on E+, and now almost 200k on S2. No experience on any other wheels (so no feedback for v5f). Personally, E+ is great for long stable runs, S2 is great for dodging pedestrians on the pavements around the city, here in Lyon. MBC
  5. Just updated. Only done a couple ok K's, but so far, so good. Very nice! MBC.
  6. Ok. Thanks for the advice. Maybe I will try the upgrade. MBC
  7. I'm still on 1.01 It works well, so why not? MBC
  8. Bonsoir, I have given up. Still no wheel. In fairness to the company, when I made this decision (and informed them by email), I was immediately refunded my deposit. Good luck to them, but this venture is no longer for me. MBC. ............In the meantime, very much enjoying my Ninebot S2. MBC.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Guess I'll upgrade then. MBC I'm only 20k in on 1.01, but quite liking it so far. MBC.
  10. Hi, Does anyone have any thoughts on the S2. Just got one. Firmware is 1.01. I'm offered 1.03. Thanks. MBC.
  11. So you think it's worth hanging on for then SlowMo? MBC You don't think so fubar?
  12. Bonjour, The wheel works. Does what is advertised. Very hard to ride for me (I'm fairly competent now, on my Ninebot E+). My (6 year-old) son can ride ride it whilst holding on to one of my hands, but looks like it'll be a long time before he can let go. In summary, I think he'd have more chance of learning to ride my wheel, and I don't think that smaller is necessarily better for kids. Was worth a try though. MBC.
  13. Jurgen, Latest promise was for delivery during the last week in May. My response was that if I do not receive the wheel by the end of May, I'm pulling out. I'm interested, but not that interested. They've had my deposit money for too long now. MBC.
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