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  1. Hi All, thanks to All for your answers. to number 5) of my questions list (total mileage count) seems to work ok now. - dont know why. It seems I got the wheel, but without the 'options' of seat and additional cover (Thanks @abinder3 ). That's a pitty. I can imagine that on longer trips I might be a good thing to sit for a few minutes from time to time where apropriate. I'am not keen on riding in heavy rain. - But as unexpected thinks happen, I will consider getting some kind of vinyl cover for the wheel. ... I'm still on the first charge of the battery ... Small critic of the wheel: Bluetooth connection with the app is not very stable. I disconnects every now and then. Connecting does not work always. I have to try a few times. (Might be an isue of my phone also ...) have a nice day viti
  2. Hi All, so I've done it lately: Bought myself a new wheel (via aliexpress): a new KingSong KS18A (Y+) the latest version with the fan. (1200 W, 1360 Wh Battery, Firmware V 1,25, App-Version Android 1.4) I have it for about a week now and have ridden my first about 25 Km with it. As there was only a chinese version booklet in the package and the available Info at the KingSong Website does not help I have a few questions that I hope the forum members can help and give there comments. Questions: 1) In the offer the seat was NOT included. - Is it due to the new 'fan version' that a seat does not fit or is a seat still possible? 2) In older KS18 Versions there has been the option, that the light mode could be switched not only by the App, but also through the on/off Switch. Does this still work? (and how?) 3) In older KS18 versions there has been the option that the wheel could be used as a 'flashlight' when switched off via a button on the wheel. This is no longer possible with the newest version (KS18Y+ - fan version) right? 4) Only from the sense of the tyre I suspect the 'front' of the wheel is the side with the LED-bar battery indicator and the back side is the side with the USB-port and the on/off switch, right? If this is right, that would mean, that the slots of the fan on the upper side of the wheel look into the moving direction. - Into my mind comes: water will be pressed right into the slots when driving in rain? Ugh 5) On the App/wheel? of my wheel the total mileage count does not seem to work properly: It now shows 4 Km but I'm quite sure I did already much more than 10 Km probably 20 to 25 Km. Any ideas? Thank's for your thoughts/input. Buying decision: Although the KS18A is not a new wheel now I want to give you a short 'first impression' from my first week - especially in comparison to my beginner wheel IPS Zero (240 Wh). I thought for a while which wheel to buy as a second wheel as my beginner wheel the IPS Zero has it's limits as a 14" wheel with it's small battery. Do understand me right: The zero is a good wheel. Perfect for city, short commutes and as a 'last mile wheel' you have with you in the bus or underground. (only 10 KG) But more than once I found myself looking for a possibility to charge the wheel during a ride. So I wanted another wheel with a BIG BATTERY I also think that the zero with nominal 800 W motor has practically to less battery reserve when going up/downhill. Especially as I'm on the more heavier side (about 100 KG). So I wanted also a higher wattage. The 'golden mean' would have been probably a 16" wheel with a big battery. - I had an eye on the KS16S. (Gotway ACM also, but reports on the forum have not been so good in the last few weeks.) - Now Rockwheel GT-16 gets good reports also but was brand new, when I decided to buy. What was the final reason to get the KS18 instead of the KS16S was: The price. For nearly the price of a KS16S or ACM with 840 Wh I would get a KS18 with a battery of 1360 Wh! So I bought the KS18. First Impression: This wheel is tall! You have to get accustomed to it when coming from smaller wheels ... As I plan to go on longer trips away from cities a big 18" wheel will fit this purpose well. The weight of 23 KG is a lot. (I hope not to be forced to carry the wheel much EVER) but strong motor and battery have it's weight. First impression: My expectations are satisfied - I have a powerful wheel with a big battery now. ... Ready for further trips. Yours viti
  3. @KingSong69 Ah, thank's for the clarification - didn't know this. ...
  4. @KingSong69 mhh, at least the fact that the seller does sell the KS18 not as “King Song“ but under a new label “KS wheel“ is somehow making me thinking ....
  5. @Sidestreet RenyOuch! Wish you a quick recovery. ...
  6. @Maximan, uh, sorry hear from your fall. Heal quick! Thank's. For sharing. Mhh, to many cut out's from this EUC model now
  7. Hi @enigma35, welcome to the club I covered my wheel (IPS Zero) with a big towel and tape. Worked really fine. Just have a look at the temperature of the wheel when operating in hot summer environment. have fun learning ...
  8. @Tilmann Ah, Thank's
  9. @adhermes Thanks for your review. Could you please provide a link to the shop? Thanks.
  10. @Niobium just a tip from me ... the seller might contact you outside of Paypal and promise a solution. But you MUST NEVER close the paypal dispute before a solution has been agreed to on Paypal. (After closing a Paypal dispute you will not be able to reopen it!). Good luck.
  11. here on my side it is about: around 1000 EUR so far. Main Part: EUC: IPS Zero (240 Wh) ~ 550 EUR + 220 EUR Gear (mainly Protection) (happily throwing away my first helmet (~ 90 EUR) after my faceplant ) + 160 EUR 'Stuff' ( 'Cranium' 5A Charger, LED Front Light, SJCam 4000, ...) + 70 EUR insurance/year and possibly counting ... I find myself thinking of a bigger, stronger wheel with, most important: bigger battery. @esaj I'm curious: why would you buy a wheel without batteries?
  12. @Linneaunicycles I really appreciate the videos. Big Plus for you and your company
  13. viti

    ...Welcome KS16...

    congratulations have fun ...
  14. www.electricunicycleonline.com is legit. I bought an IPS Zero 260 Wh in December 2015 from them. I got delivered an IPS Zero with 240 Wh only - and got a partial refund after _much discussion_ and an opening of a paypal dispute. There was an long thread about this seller on the forum. But the thread 'somehow vanished' completely! ... ?
  15. @CSERNA Uhhh, another point that came just now into my mind: There is a discussion if the KS16A is ok. with driven in (light) rain. (I think I would try to avoid heavy rain with all wheels.) The KS16A is the first wheel with an integrated fan. ... not a bad idea, but (as I have understood the discussion up to now) it is not clear If there is an opening in the case where water could get into the wheel. This might be a big negative point when commuting is the main purpose of the wheel. ... Anybody knows more?
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