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  1. The amazing thing about the human body is how fast your muscles adapt to the task at hand. When I first got the V8F even that felt heavy. You know what I did? I put it by the door and every day I left for work/food/etc, I just picked it up and then set it back down. I've done the same with the V12 and Nikola. Are they heavy? Yes. Does that bother me anymore? Nope. When I first started riding, my legs were dead after a couple miles. Today? I get back from a 43 mile ride and have to debate if I want to grab my other wheel and keep riding. You already have great wheels that are lightweight,
  2. oh bummer. I found the same ones on ebay shipping from china, along with a lot of other pads. Not sure if thats any better for you. Being in the US, I order from amazon UK and and amazon Japan as well. They make it easy. A lot of times the japan packages get here as fast as packages shipped from my own country. Probably not the same for you I guess. The ones I bought are from "Magchic" but I think thats the chicway logo, or green fashion, or whatever . Generic pads but they work well. I dropped the wheel twice trying to ride seated and was surprised the pads still look brand new. Protected the
  3. If you get too impatient or just want a spare set of pads, there is a good set of Jump Pads on amazon prime for only $80. They work great on the V12, and they dont make it look too ugly with the 3d printed ridge lines on the "expensive pads" . They might look narrow but they lock in right above your toes and ankle. They work great, I can actually jump the wheel on flat ground with them. The width is great for the lower part of your leg. Im probably going to make a video about them but haven't got around to it yet. Everyone out there spending $150 plus shipping for the 3d printed pads, I just c
  4. Theres a youtube channel called "Cruising Off Duty" who did exactly that, bought an EUC to take on his boat. He made a few videos about it. You should check those out. If you go to his channel and search for "unicycle", those videos will come up.
  5. I like the name anyway, scorpion falls are the best
  6. Are you a roofer? I did roofing for 4 years. its a great job, hard work too. Pay wasn't great so I had to move on lol.
  7. All the skate shoes I have work great for riding. The thick sole kind like DC Shoes. And tall enough to protect the ankles. I also bought "Iron Jias" motorcycle shoes, based on Sensei Vegans recommendation. The zipper makes them easy to get on and off when you're fully geared up. They're great but the sizing is kind of strange and it squeezes my toes more than I like. They have extra thick ankle support, and extra layer around the toes for protection. I'd recommend them if you can get the sizing right. ( need to change out those green laces, makes them look like bowling shoes)
  8. @mhpr262 Oh it has one, and its one of the best for maneuverability. The downside to a handle like this is that it goes inside the wheel and reduces the space for things like batteries. Pretty sure thats why they started moving it to the outside. This one "handles" better than both of the other wheels I have. It works perfectly.
  9. Showing The V8F some love. It served me well. And its still a great looking wheel. Stair Torture (thought this was a cool picture): #1 for a day - 43 KM = 2 charge cycles: No brightness issues here! (The blue and white move back and forth, looks really cool)
  10. I wanted modular for EUC riding but given the increased likelihood that we fall straight on our faces when we go down hard, I decided against it. I personally feel like if Im gearing up to the extent I do, having a weakness like a hinge on the most important piece of gear is a step backwards. Im sure its probably safe enough, but if it failed and I damaged my face or head, I would blame myself for choosing comfort over safety. I really like the scorpion modular (at950) helmet but went with the one I have pictured instead. Because of that I bought an Ogio Mach backpack with the helmet leas
  11. On Page 12 here, user @yoos posted a link to a site that covers this addition in the second batch. From the link they posted: "This board is a binder for wiring LED strips. I will assume that Inmotion tried to solve a small problem with the backlight in this way, when it did not display colors correctly. But this is just my guess."
  12. You can always ride at a walking pace if you have to use the sidewalk. A car accident or pile up because a car swerved to avoid you, could be worse than running into a person walking imo. And since we dont have insurance to cover damage, it creates legal problems. People ride other slow PEVs on the sidewalk like a hoverboard without much issue. My personal rule is, 1)stick to bike paths and follow the 15mph speed limit if I see an officer. 2)if no bike path exists, go very slow on the sidewalk until a bike path exists again. 3)if neither exist, go really fast(close to the speed limit, wh
  13. Yep thats me lol. I definitely want some of those grizzla pads eventually, currently stuck my begode pads on the V12 and they feel pretty nice. But I want the separate pads for braking and acceleration... I've never tried spiked pedals for any wheels so I might not know what Im missing.. Its cool the V11 pedals fit. My feet haven't budged at all on the V12 stock pedals, they feel good. Flat/solid pedals definitely lose some grip as they get dirty, so Im sure the spiked pedals would help for that. And probably more. Most of all I would like a seat for the V12. I might try that RS/MSX seat that
  14. I mean the phone screen, not the wheel screen (not sure how to update my post, maybe I cant because its waiting moderation lol)
  15. Mine Updated without a problem. I watched Dufs 3 hour livestream video before I did it and he ran into some problems updating it, some commenters told him that the screen turning off maybe caused it to halt the update. I made sure to keep tapping the screen through the whole process and didn't have any issues. I have a new recent batch wheel. Not sure if the initial batch is more prone to this. Duf just shut his off and tried again, and it finished. If people are hanging, you should check out his video and give those steps a try.
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