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  1. The V10F is quite different, unfortunately. I could get a new V12 hinge made at a machine shop and then file it down if it keeps bothering me enough. I don’t want to modify the original. What is more likely to happen is I’ll just get use to it
  2. The height is adjusted by bolting the hinge to one of 3 locations. The pedal angle is a function of how the pedal attaches to the hinge. Therefore the hinge location has no impact on the pedal angle. As I think about this, I realize to get flat pedals probably requires a new hinge rather than new pedals. I did go ahead and order the honeycomb pedals anyway, just to see how they feel.
  3. Pictures on ewheels look like the honeycomb pedals are also slanted.
  4. The only other wheel I’ve ridden is my V10F. I moved my V12 pedals down to the lowest setting and that puts them even with the height of the V10F which, if I understand correctly, has fairly tall pedals. It improved stability but still is much harder for me to control than the V10F. I feel like I’m learning all over again. I really didn’t expect it to be so different. I’m learning to push with my shins. I ride my old wheel without my shins touching the wheel much and that doesn’t work for me with this new wheel. Moving my Sai pads to the new wheel was a must. The V10F also h
  5. So on my wheel that has one battery disabled, I got my replacement battery from ewheels. When I took the wheel apart to remove the battery, one of the small connectors that plugs in next to the main battery connector had come apart. It seems that when they plugged in this connector it pushed the pin sleeves out of the connector instead of going together. I put it back together and tried charging it and it worked. Once battery 1 was fully charged, it enabled it and the alert went away. I’ve now ridden it a few hours and all seems well so I’ll be sending the replacement back. Inciden
  6. I got these a week ago and was very pleased. I’ve only used them once because they were too warm . I was wearing over jeans and long johns. It’s colder this week so I’ll try them again today or tomorrow. They definitely stop the wind. https://www.amazon.com/Clothin-Waterproof-Elastic-Waist-Drawstring-Insulated/dp/B074S4WZGB# Edit: I’ve now used them in 35F weather on an hour long ride at around 15-20mph over jeans and long johns and was completely warm the entire time with zero wind getting through.
  7. I’m looking for elbow guards that I can put on over a jacket in winter. My slip ons under a jacket are a pain. I’d love something that snapped together like my Leatt knee guards but I’m having a tough time finding anything like that. I’d rather not fiddle with velcro after I’ve got gloves on under my flexmeters, under my jacket. Thank you.
  8. That worked. I emailed this address and Jason replied within 20 minutes. Going to send me a new pack 👍
  9. Did you call ewheels or email them? I still have not gotten a reply to my email.
  10. I checked the battery status this morning and, as Sergey Sh. said, it does change both batteries to disabled while plugged in. However, battery one shows 3.7v while plugged in, and 87v when not plugged in.
  11. In my case, I have the one battery disabled at 87v after charging for nearly 24 hours (in my shop in a safe area). When I first got it, I plugged it in for a few hours, then took it for a short test run. It was 60something percent when I started and 50something percent when I stopped. I then plugged it back in until the next day. I didn’t notice if I had the warning icon or not on the first day. I noticed it on the second day when I turned it on and it wasn’t fully charged. I initially thought I’d maybe bumped the cord loose or something but then I touched the warning icon and saw th
  12. Oh wow, now I have a real problem with this new V12. I went to ride it after charging overnight and it said it was only at 67%. I then noticed a small warning icon on the touch screen. Touching it showed a popup saying some batteries have been disabled and this may affect performance. In the app, I ran the diagnostic and it said everything was good. I then checked the battery information and it says that battery 1 is 87 volts and is disabled. Battery 2 says 100.1 volts and is enabled. I emailed ewheels. I sure hope there is some kind of reset procedure. I so dread having to deal
  13. So I finally got my V12 yesterday and my ride was pretty disappointing. I’m upgrading from a V10F that I got in May and have put over 700 miles on it. I have complete confidence and control over it. It feels like a part of me while riding it. On the V12, I feel like it has a mind of its own. Just riding straight, it keeps shifting around. Like it’s following grooves in the pavement but the pavement is smooth. When I tip to turn a corner, the wheel wants to stand up straight. My feet hurt so bad because I’m constantly fighting it so I keep having to stop and rest. I remember a similar
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