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  1. Whoah dude, you look bad ass. You just need a cape to billow out behind you while you blast down the road like Batman So it's pretty hot to wear during warm weather? I kind of figured that. I'm thinking of getting the Stealth R-3; is that the one you have? https://www.aerostich.com/suits/men-s-stealth-r-3-one-piece-suit.html I'm going to call the little old lady tomorrow and get the exact armor options you suggested. Hopefully she knows how to bake snickerdoodles Thanks again! (p.s. the trick to not skiing like a clown is to not learn when you're like 30 years old
  2. Oh yeah totally. I was telling my wife about when I was a kid and I would've gotten my a$$ kicked for riding my bike wearing a helmet. Nobody did it. I used to lay on my skateboard and fly down the hill at the end of the street headfirst. Again no helmet. Can't believe none of us cracked our skulls back then
  3. Wow I'm on the Aerostich site and these look amazing. I love the idea of just getting one of these and a helmet and not having to figure out a bunch of different things to buy. Dumb question: How did you get it custom tailored? Right through them? This one in black looks sweet: https://www.aerostich.com/suits/men-s-stealth-r-3-one-piece-suit.html I'm also thinking of wearing this thing for skiing, probably with the back armor insert. I hit a tree so hard in Salt Lake city a few years ago I'm surprised I didn't knock the thing down. Can't believe I didn't break something.
  4. Hey Tawpie, I’d never heard of L2 motorcycle gear. Looks like exactly what I need… Not worried about the price (better than a trip to the emergency room!) I’m on a site called revzilla and they have some cool looking stuff. Do you go all out like head to toe? Looks like they even have boots. I’d kind of pictured wearing hiking boots but that seems like a dumb idea now
  5. Greetings my friend! You have convinced me on the 16x… the torque sounds amazing, which makes perfect sense from college physics due to the smaller wheel… It sounds like I may not even need the S20 truthfully. The 16x sounds like it’s good for off-roading and zooming up and down smooth grassy hills, and I may not ever want to go faster than 31 mph. I’ve gone a little faster than that on my Fat Tire Luna ebike and it’s no joke at age 47. Thanks again! Now to figure out what other gear to get. Maybe a tire patch kit and little co2 air pump, a good helmet and some hard core pads
  6. Ha excellent point. I’m about 195 and I’ll probably wear a camelback with 3 liters of water but but much else. I need to figure out great protective gear too. ewheels looks great. In fact some of the reviewer of the K18 say they love it but wish it had more power. The Veteran Abrams Off Road looks like a beast
  7. That being said… I literally know nothing about the different brands. Perhaps the Begode EX.N or the Veteran Sherman, 3200Wh Battery/2500W I’m looking at on ewheels.com would suit my needs. Hill climbing is important to me. Perhaps these would be fine for cruising across a smooth grass hills and fields. I doubt I’ll be doing hard core riding on trials any time soon if ever Price is not a factor for me
  8. Hey Waulnet, What you’re saying makes perfect sense… could you recommend a good place to buy the S18? This site looks reputable however they have the KS-S18 that’s on back order and the KS-18XL that’s in stock but doesn’t look as wicked and doesn’t seem to have the suspension. https://www.euco.us I see one on eBay but that doesn’t seem like an optimal way to go (: thanks!
  9. Greetings! If you can believe it, first heard about EUC wheels yesterday and I’ve been watching YouTube videos, etc all day. My first thought was maybe I should get a “starter” beginner wheel but I know I’ll end up wanting a high end one. The S20 looks awesome. I plan to do a lot of road riding and maybe some light off-roading. Nothing too crazy. it sounds like if I buy one I won’t have it in my hands in the USA until February right? Should I maybe get the S18 which is probably available now? Can’t wait to get into this
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