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  1. Thanks guys. I just ordered the KS 16s. I will probably get the Mten3 later. I appreciate the advice. I hope my skateboarding experience helps me learn how to ride quickly. I can't get the kids interested in skateboarding.
  2. Thanks SlyGiraffe. That is what I was thinking about the Mten3. Another thing I need to consider is that I need something that can keep up with our Ninebot scooters. They can go 19 MPH. Can the Mten3 cruise along at 19 MPH safely?
  3. Thanks. It's good to see that it's easy to work on the 16s.
  4. Thanks RockyTop. If I get a flat tire on the KS 16s, how difficult is it to fix? Also, can most bike shops help with flat tires or replacing tires?
  5. Now I am thinking the KS 16S is the best choice again. Do you suggest I get a Bodyguard roll.nz cover for it?
  6. Thanks guys. The MCM5 does look good. I am planning to learn to ride too. I used to ride a skateboard for years when I was young. I was worried that the weight of anything bigger than the Mten would be too intimidating for the kids, and maybe cause them to get frustrated and give up on it. I think I will go with a 14 or 16 inch wheel. I was thinking about getting another electric scooter, but I can't fit 3 of them in my small SUV. That led me to look at EUCs and Onewheels. I'll keep looking at the bigger EUCs.
  7. Thanks guys. I was thinking about the weight of the EUCs. If they get a 38 pound EUC, that is half their weight. It would be like me getting a 90 pound EUC to learn on. I don't know. I have heard guys on youtube saying the Mten3 is great for beginners and other guys say it is best for experienced riders.
  8. I am looking to buy my first EUC for Christmas for my kids mostly. They are ages 10 and 12. They weigh around 75 and 85 pounds. I have been looking at the Mten3 and the Kingsong 16S. I am thinking that the Mten3 would be better because of the lighter weight. I have also seen a couple of youtube vids with kids riding them. The Kingsong 16s weighs half as much as they do. What is the best one to learn on for these size kids? Also I don't have any experience riding EUC's. We have electric scooters now.
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