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  1. How much $ US dollars and how much to ship to usa?
  2. Kilroy

    First euc dui?

    Sipping' to the beeps......no helmet. https://v.redd.it/gqirekhi1lx71
  3. Sorry, just woke up. Not the right thing to say now.
  4. Destroyed the warranty&service site and thoughts of not continuing. I just received my first euc, a V11 from them. Am worried about warranty service and parts availability. Of course we wish them a full recovery. It seemed like euc use was poised to soar with ewheels at the lead. Hope I'm not over reacting. Time will tell.
  5. Kilroy

    Test notify

    Test. Tggbygygybu. Tvyvybygygy
  6. Testffffffffg6ybvt tvtvtff5f5f. Vtvtvv4vtvtvv
  7. Naw dog. Gonna have to see the video. Maybe a new addition to the euc games. With a blindfold just to be sure.
  8. I would never want to purposely go fast in reverse. Just want to know euc characteristics before mine arrives.....documentation is scarce in the euc world and there is no community here or much anywhere in florida.
  9. I ordered a V11 on Oct 1. Just got an email reply that it would be well within deposit list order or next supply of arriving v11s and would be shipping out from china within the "next few days". Also read LA port delays are now 2 weeks. Hope this helps others waiting. So guessing 6 weeks to my door in Florida. ///////////////////////////////// Sorry I misunderstood ewheels email. The V11s have cleared LA customs and mine will ship in a few days from LA via FedEx ground to me in Florida. Their early Oct eta was accurate.
  10. Waiting on my first euc, a backordered v11 from ewheels. Have never seen an euc in person. Been watching YouTube vids, reading here and elsewhere but have a few questions. 1 when you trolly,does the wheel power you along or is it pure freewheel? 2 how fast can you go backwards? 3 is shipping free and sale tax not charged (ie it's between you and your home state) from the big dealers? 4 is the warranty transferred for private sales from the big US dealers? Thanks. I'm trying to make enough mod approved posts so I can possibly buy used off private sales forum.
  11. If price is king, consider an ebike. A front hub kit on a used bike might work for you.
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