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  1. G'day Everyone, this is my latest Mod for my Airwheel Q3, I had some anti fatigue rubber mats at work so I cut one up with a jigsaw and glued it to my wedges that I can put into my Q3 peddles. They go in and out easy so if I did fall off they should dislodge and the peddle will still fold. I have made them about 20mm larger all around. So far I have only tested them up and down my driveway but I think they will work great. They should be much better on my sore old feet and have the extra benefit that if I do whack myself in the angle or shin it will be with rubber not Aluminium :-)
  2. A local FB group here in NSW would be great.
  3. I showed my son in law my airwheel Q3 and he wanted to try it, he was wearing thongs at the time so he kicked them off and after two minutes of holding my shoulder he was off riding it no problems for about 20 minutes barefoot . He loved it and now wants one. He rarely wears shoes loves going barefoot or wearing thongs.
  4. G'day , Everyone. I thought I would show you one of the extra hazards we have to put up with here in Australia. When our temperature get up around the 38 degree C mark like it is today the concrete footpaths (sidewalk) crack and swell forcing the concrete slab up into the air at the joints. This spot has lifted about 250mm off the ground.
  5. Have you guys had any response to you riding in public from the local cops in Sydney, I'm in Newcastle/Maitland area but so far have just been using mine at the local skate park or in Caravan parks when I'm away in my Motorhome usually for about 1/2 hr at a time. I have a AirWheel Q3 only had it since Oct it was 60th birthday present to myself and I'm loving it. I do get sore feet from riding it though.
  6. We were very surprised on our recent visit to Hawaii, (which was were I saw my first EUC and got the bug to get one) that a lot of things were cheap but the wages were low. We were talking to a couple from the US and mentioned that we both work in schools. I'm a school handyman a bit like a US janitor I suppose, but I don' t clean anything my wife does Admin in a preschool. When we mentioned our wages their mouths dropped open I'm on $50K and my wife is on $51K AU per year I get 32 days paid holidays per yr and my wife gets 10 weeks paid holidays per yr. They said that their daughter has two masters degrees and has been teaching for 10 yrs and doesn't make that much. They also said all her pay and $300US of her husbands pay per month goes to pay their medical insurance. It cost them $65K US when her son broke his arm. We don't have medical insurance all treatment in public hospitals is free in Australia. As for prices over here, a Beer will cost you about $7 a normal pizza will cost about $5 from Dominos, a Hamburger about $5, average ctn of beer in cans about $45, Cars are expensive a cheap Hyundai will start at about $16 K and a good Ute or 4X4 will be about $65K family cars are about $35K all in AU. Travel is expensive to anywhere because of distance. As for driving I can drive north about 10 hours in one direction and 8 hours south in the opposite direction and still be in my state NSW and it's not the biggest one, a lot of people would commute 100 klms to work each day.
  7. It's going to be a hot Christmas here and that's for sure.
  8. I have only been riding for about 6 weeks now, I have taken a couple of full on tumbles when riding on a grass oval that had athletics markings on it they are about 100mm wide and 20mm deep. But my funnest and potentially most dangerous was the first time I tried to go up a sloping walkway. I got about halfway up and faltered, stepping off my Airwheel Q3 I turned it off and walked it up the remaining 10 mtrs and placed it back on the ground. I stood up adjusted myself and my helmet and hopped back on, this is where it gets funny . I must have placed it on the path perfectly balanced because it wasn't turned on, it shot back and I pitched forward and I fell like a dropped tree, flat on my face and both wrists. Thank heavens I had wrist guards on or my 60yr old wrists would probably been broken. one of the little problems of having a dual wheel EUC :-)
  9. That's the trouble with living in Australia, everything that is imported cost more (freight costs etc), we are over taxed a twenty pack of Malboro will cost you $23.65 AU and Petrol is $1.37 per litre which is $5.17 per Gallon US. Corona's are $49.94 for a ctn of 24 I think I paid $13 US in Hawaii in April for a ctn and most Vodkas were $13 US the cheapest here is $35-$40 AU If it's fun or the PC crowd think it's not good for you they will tax it to stop people from using it (just like Demolition Man) :-)
  10. I have been whacked a few times just under my left ankle buy the foot peddle same reason, but yesterday I got a big one just above the left ankle and it was so sore I couldn't lay my foot onto the mattress to sleep. Next ride I will try my hiking boots they are high top and padded ankle area, in the past I tried taping some rubber padding to the peddles but it just comes off from standing on it. Hopefully as we get better we will both stop getting hit by our machines
  11. I noticed yesterday that because of the padding and cam tape on my Q3 the beeping when you reach 12 kph is really quiet, it was the first time I reached that speed and I was surprised how quiet they were. So I don't know if that is good or bad but I have heard a lot of people complaining about them and some even cutting the buzzer off.
  12. G'day guys anyone, on here from the Newcastle or Maitland area ? I only know of one other EUC in the area as my Daughter has seen a guy in Newcastle on one. I would be good to meet up and share a ride etc.
  13. Funny you saying when the weather warms up you may try it, it was 42 degrees C here yesterday :-) I'm waiting for a cooler day so I can go riding again. As for the warranty the local dealer here in Australia says on their website that if you don't buy the Air Wheel from them they won't cover any waranty which I think would be ilegal here in Aust and as they charge $1400 AU for the same machine I paid $640 AU for on ebay from an Australian seller I think I'm ahead with the deal. and yep it's an original Q3 not clone..
  14. G'day everyone, I have seen a few threads on here about sore feet etc . As I'm new to the EUC's and I have old guy foot problems, I thought it was just me anyway I have done something that seems to help me and wondered if anyone else has tried this or is it a really bad idea. I cut some High density rubber matting that is designed for impact absorbsion into wedges and places them into the gaps in my peddles when ridding and they certainly help me with the sore feet. I know it will stop the peddles from folding if I come off but there is still some give there so I dont think I will break anything.. They are not pretty but that was not my main focus :-) it was to try and help my feet. Opinions ???
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