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  1. Thanks for the advice, I've basically been looking for a city commuter solution, i live about two miles from work but a car ain't worth it, and storage space is VERY limited. Ive thought about an e-board, but i like the responsiveness of an euc better, not to mention bumps in roads or sidewalks would be less of an issue thanks to tire size. Urs one of the reasons i wad thinking about buying parts here and there and slowly building my own, that way i could modify as needed instead of forking out for a whole new wheel.
  2. Im at 270 lbs, and 6 foot, i already know im most likely gonna need a high torque wheel, and i like the weight and size specs for most 18 in. Wheels, but, problem i have is price. If my family found out i dropped that much, I'd be lying in an unmarked grave somewhere! So my question is, are there any reliable knock offs or off brands that are cheaper and would work for me, or possibly a way or place i could get parts piecemeal and build my own "franken-wheel"?
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