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  1. Tubbehh

    V12 Parts

    I ended up going with a Nikola AR+
  2. I don't have any wheel recommendations but I like your term "hobby ADD", I think I have that as well lol.
  3. Tubbehh

    V12 Parts

    Hi Everyone, I have a V12 on preorder for my first wheel. Reviews seem to indicate it has good build quality, but I wouldn't be surprised if something needed replaced at some point. I would hate to have something go wrong on the wheel and then have to wait multiple months for the replacement parts. I don't think there are any parts available for the V12 at the moment, and I'm guessing it will be slow for them to send out parts. Is this normal? I'm pretty impatient waiting for for the wheel, and would be even more impatient waiting for parts. Thinking I might just go with
  4. Hi Guys, First time EUC buyer here looking to purchase his first EUC. EUC requirements: Speed: I would like to be able to cruise in the 30-35+ mph range. Range: Range isn't so much a key factor, I think any of the wheels with the 1800 Wh batteries will suffice. Durability/Build Quality: Wheels are pretty expensive as you guys know, I definitely want a wheel that will last and that has good build quality. Other notes: So far I have put down a deposit at eWheels for a V12 and hopefully should get one of the next shipments out. I have watched n
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