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  1. I'm probably way too far up north here to sell but but I believe having a wheel that's water resistant and good for off-roading is pretty much a must so I think inmotion is going to be the best option. I'm not a fan of being restricted to nice roads and pretty days lol
  2. That's so cool haha yeah I can hear how the fade makes it sound less natural. I will fix that! Can you email it to me please? aeondrone@gmail.com
  3. Sounds better when the pitch isn't changing for sure! Can you take a look at the .Wav files I just exported? For some reason I can't get them to load up in the app: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1C5FxachWCyReHnLqBmyTDfGVhxaGk2Iy?usp=sharing I have them set at 16-bit, mono, WAV
  4. Edit: I had to disable the password on the KS app so basically seems like you can't have a password setup while using EUC World? Finally got an android today just to use the AVAS sounds and signed up for premium etc but the app keeps making my wheel beep every 10 seconds? Any ideas? I don't understand why it just does this by default and I have not issues with the KS app or the Darknessbot app...
  5. I was reading about that and someone said the trick is to set a "fade in" + "fade out" on the .wav and if anyone needs help with that just lemme know it only takes me like 30 seconds to setup in my DAW
  6. i made a crappy video of one idea I came up with today: Here's the audio file if you want to download it and check it out at a better quality. I will make a proper version once I get an Android to test with! Another idea I really like so far:
  7. That's a good idea I'll try that until I get the android later today, I do sound design and music production so I really want to see what it's like having control of the pitch etc. I've been playing a lot with spaceship and hover craft type sound FX for years so I can't wait to see what's possible...
  8. Hi does anyone know of another way to get AVAS sounds running? I was able to install "EUC World" on an android tablet but it wont connect to the King Song. All I have right now is a couple iPhones. I wonder there was any open source code we can use to make another app or maybe hack the machine somehow?
  9. Why would Kingsong install a red light that we can hardly see inside a machine? Is it cause for concern or normal? Photo of light: https://ibb.co/JQVpr7X
  10. Eventually it will beep 3 times The KS app? Nothing shows up that I can find
  11. Hi any idea why the KingSong KS 16X it taking over 12 hours to charge to 99% and the light is still "red" on the charger? I thought it was only supposed to take 8 hours to charge? Thank you!
  12. The EUC's are way too quite and having engine acceleration sounds is a really cool safety feature. The only catch is it doesn't seem like there's a way for iPhone users to enjoy this feature? Example:
  13. I thought the first beep was a fully charged notification? The other beeps a few hours after seem more like a glitch or maybe the cells are overloaded. But if we hear it again can we just turn it on and connect the KS app to see if any messages come up?
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