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  1. SOLD to a super nice cool guy. Hope you have fun with this, super nice cool guy!
  2. @meepmeepmayer thanks for moving the learning to ride mten3 thoughts! @Heyzeus yes, i'd love to keep the Mten3 as 2nd wheel! Mten3 was my first EUC. it rocks. I have a motorcycle license and owned a motorcycle, ridden on and off road motorbikes, ridden plenty of stand up jet skis, sit down jet skiis, have ridden gas powered scooters, and ridden ATV's old and new, of course spent plenty of time on motorized boats in my life.... have a couple of ebikes right now (would sell one of the two ebikes but of course people won't let me because they like to ride it!), and so i have to give up t
  3. @winterwheelnice. can't wait to ride other wheels to compare. wish i knew what the V5F experience was like. all sports are uncomfortable or cause some pain on occasion. even with the bites, I have not smiled so much learning on the Mten3. people are super curious. like they see this weird little alien ship cruising past them with the lights. had a cop cruise by me when I was learning first day. he just smiled and kept going by. what is nice too about the size, is that it isn't intimidating to anyone. the cop was probably like - whatever.
  4. @Paul A yes, you're right. because Mten3 is small and keeps spinning for a moment. so much power in such a small package. when i get on my 2nd wheel this week, that will probably make a lot more sense to this newbie. luckily the ankle biting only happens for the first few days of learning for the most part (worst day 1, maybe a little day 2, etc...). have control most of time pretty quick, or if you don't - you learn quickly to not be near it when it has a tantrum. but controlling the little beast is also why it's so fun. like you took a small roller coaster off the tracks. or like ridi
  5. @winterwheelyes, that was my only issue learning on the Mten3 i think. the ankle biting. thankfully, usually jumped out of the way in time. I use Leatt knee/shin guard (but as you know they only protect upper shin). and then on the first few days of learning, volleyball knee pads flipped out on ankle. looked very ridiculous. @Paul A this looks great to protect the ankles/shins while learning. did not ever see those with all my research. had looked at soccer shin guards but have never seen any like this. honestly considered wrapping my ankles in bubble wrap the first couple d
  6. @winterwheel I totally agree. from my little learning experience on Mten3 - I spent most of the first run going less than 5 mph. at times, the MPH, when i dared look down, was not even registering 2 mph. I think a big part that makes the Mten3 really good for learning too is that when the EUC clobbers you, and it probably will when learning, it is 25 pounds, not 50 pounds. When the Mten3 spun into its tasmanian devil spin when i was learning - the pedals hit my ankles a few times. I can't imagine if that was 50 pounds. my ankles and legs got bruises for sure. I would have been w
  7. Oh sure @OldFartRides, I'll talk about my learning experience. 1st - since it's my first wheel - I have no comparison to EUC's in general as of right now. (soon to change in a few hours when i get my new one and play with it after work). i have played a lot of sports including balancing ones (skiiing (alpine and water), snow boarding, etc.. not brilliant at any sports for sure, but I watched a bunch of videos. And I did what they said. having decent balance is totally helpful of course. I picked it up in 15 minutes. I started on a chain link fence and first standing on it....ga
  8. Thanks @OldFartRides! I definitely read @meepmeepmayer sale posting suggestions. bitter sweet selling this little fun machine.
  9. SOLD to a super nice cool guy. Hope you have fun with this super nice cool guy! Hello, selling my much loved Gotway Mten3 512Wh/84V “Stealth Black” edition EUC for $950 OBO cash ($1,313 new with extras purchased less than month old) with only 20 miles on it. Rode it only for 2 weeks. Includes Roll.nz protective cover, new trolley handle, presta valve extender, and two chargers. Bought EUC from euco.us and extras from ewheels.com. Love it and it rides awesome, but selling because (1) bought a new wheel, (2) only have budget/space for one wheel at a time, and (3) that one wheel n
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