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  1. He is starting to get the hang of it he is going to ride with his one wheel friend today.
  2. I’m going to hurt myself if I ride it but I’m going to anyways.
  3. I don’t believe it he is already riding around. He took it out in the middle of the night to the backyard. Stupid little I WANTED THAT TO BE ME.
  4. Ooooh it’s coming today I’m going to suprise him.
  5. Helmet ris guards kneepads elbow pads should be good?
  6. Ok protection gear? Anybody know anything about protection gear if hes flying at 20mph what should I buy.
  7. Ahhhh ordered there’s 1200 dollars I’m never getting back damn it he better ride it every day.
  8. Does a top speed really show the top speed because I have been on my friends one wheel and gone 24 mph does that mean the euc can’t keep up being the v8f going 22mph?
  9. I feel like he does dumb shit with his friends but he is not an absolute idiot and when it comes to doing something very stupid will probably think twice.
  10. You think it would be a good way to practice? I'm thinking about getting him one end of October. It would be fun to try and learn it before its even here. While he's trying to figure out how to ride the thing I zoom past.
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