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  1. Also, I think this shortcut can help bypass needing to click in that area...As long as you sign in first. https://euc.world/account/tours
  2. So I tried it in Firefox, and it worked ok. I then deleted cached stuff in chrome, and deleted cookies and it worked again. The difference now and before, is when I hover over my username, it now drops a menu down. Before, with the error, it didnt. It was like the language bar was invisibly superimposed on top. To get english i just kept moving lower and lower, czeck, dutch, then english :) Hope the error is done with, and I can return to sharing the tours out. Also glad I wasnt alone with the error. Peace
  3. I am a premium user, and I have been uploading tours, and just recently started using pictures. Yesterday, when I try to view my list of tours, the page redirect me but to the main page, and nicely enough switches from English to Czech or Dutch (it seems like it rotates). Anyone else having an issue? I reported it already, and replicated it on 3 PCs using my Chrome profile and an Incognito session (to remove any cookies or other tracking info). The app doesnt seem to have a way to view historic tours, so it might not be an issue for a lot of riders. Thank you for anyone who can
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