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  1. Oh neat, I'm over in South End! I haven't really ventured over to the DM side but Salt Marsh Trail looks like a blast... kinda tempted to upgrade to something with more mileage just to check those out. How're the riding conditions there?
  2. Not that I've seen. There's only two other EUCers here that I've seen (a commuter and a guy who practices tricks); compared to a lot more e-scooters, skateboards, and the occasional onewheel. Whereabouts in NS are you? It'd be cool to see more EUCs out here.
  3. There's a couple of us over in Halifax
  4. Ahh, gotcha. Does not having tiltback follow for all Gotway wheels? And yeah, I will definitely work my way back up to a more reasonable speed and see how it handles after some more protective gear arrives in the mail. My wrist guards took the brunt of the impact, and my helmet softened the blow (though I ended up finding the visor ~100m away). Thanks for the tip! I've definitely got a healthy dose of respect for the speed beeps now, especially now that I realize that the wheel won't try recovering from it for you. Do you think there might be unseen damage to the internals, given the u
  5. Hi all! I'm a novice rider who bought an mten3 a week ago. I've logged about 150km and felt pretty comfortable getting around town on the road. Last night I was limit testing its handling at/near the speed limit of the wheel (~35 km/h), when it seemed like the motor shut off and launched me into the intersection. The wheel was at around 55% charge at the time of crash. WheelLog indicated that motor amperage dropped to 0 for a few seconds before the speed dropped from 35 to 0 at the 22:41 mark ((see screenshot belowsee screenshot below). Additionally, the wheel seemed to shut off agai
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