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  1. Thanks for the suggestion but I'm going to try order all the parts at once if possible. My next idea is ordering from ewheels.com in the US and using a postal service to get the parts to the UK. Maybe I should order some parts from myewheel to save on postage from the US though, thank you for the site!
  2. I've emailed both a few days ago hopefully either get back soon, I read speedy feet won't order new shipments from inmotion untill the last one they ordered in September arrives :/
  3. My poor inmotion v11, I bought it second hand but in new condition as my first euc. I have ridden it for around 2 weeks and gotten fairly good at riding it but a bit overconfident. I was going down a fairly steep hill when I decided to try go top speed, not knowing the wheel would beep and max power and force me to slow, so I wobbled and fell downhill pretty fast. I got away "lucky" with just some road rash on my knees, but the unicycle didn't fair quite so well as it kept sliding/bouncing away. The plastic support struts for the leg cushions on both sides have snapped off
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