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  1. If only Reichian armoring would protect one from falls
  2. Hm... I would like if there were some easy way to test this, might be interesting. Having an intuition for the mechanics is a way to learn for me. I think if you know how something is supposed to work that may give you the confidence to execute it correctly. Small turning circles became much easier after learning how it works. Kind of like a learning shortcut. Another example, not related to turning: if you hit a bump, that is not too big for the wheel to get over, how fast does the wheel react? The resistance from the bump will convert some of the wheel's forward motion in
  3. Oh many thanks - that is a detailed discussion. It's good to read about it because it's hard to understand how turning works on an EUC!
  4. I'm new and still figuring things out, and one of the things that I'm struggling with is turning. I know there are plenty of topics and videos about turning, but I haven't seen one that explains it in terms of it's actual mechanics so I thought it might be interesting, and I would also like to understand whats happening when I'm on the wheel. The problem is the following: when turning, where does the rotational torque actually come from? In the case of a body twist turn, it seems to be the following: the wheel on the ground provides enough friction (reverse torque) that you can
  5. As title, looking for an EUC in Valencia suitable for a newbie to learn and have a bit of fun on.
  6. Hola, Estoy nuevo en este desporte, y espaniol no es mi primer linguage asi que disculpa mis errores inevitables. Estoy buscando gente en Valencia que lo practican para ver si alguien tiene una rueda que quiere vender de 2nda mano, que ya no tengo uno. Tambien eventualmente estaria bueno conocer a gente para orientar en cuales son las buenas pistas por la zona :). Saludos
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