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  1. Go for it . Hundreds of miles of bike paths all around central MA . I have been on many of them .
  2. Ain't no way this is his full time job I suspect . If orders have been placed and are in limbo , all one can do is monitor and report a change in condition . He has in the past included his business phone in all email exchanges . I suspect everyone in North America is in the same boat . Keep trying ! I'm very curious to hear what's up .
  3. It was the 680 and it was not an in stock unit . I do have a vague recollection that if I wanted the biggest battery , it would take longer . I know for a fact as everyone here knows that customs in both countries is a nightmare. I also suspect that patent disputes which were just getting up steam right when I took delivery might have caused delayed shipments.
  4. I will add my 2 cents . Will was not as responsive to my emails as he should have been with my KS 18 . However , it was delivered as promised despite ongoing issues with customs . I believe him to be honest and my experience was on the whole quite positive. I particularly sympathize because I am not a terribly prompt communicator myself . I did get the critical updates . My only issue was that direct questions often took 2 or 3 emails before I got a response . In the scheme of things , pretty forgivable I believe . I would not hesitate to order from him again .
  5. Unless you hit a tree head on , the 40 to 0 problem does not exist . It's going to be a slide and tumble . The distance to the ground does not change , so the face planting impact is exactly the same . A bigger slide/tumble to be sure . The Tour de France riders crash at 40 all the time and all they have is that helmet . We older circle surfers usually have at least the knees and hands protected as well .
  6. On an18 inch wheel, 35 kph top speed would be nice if the motor and batteries could handle it without a greater risk of shut down . Also .......... I would not want to sacrifice hill climbing ability at all .
  7. Gotta chime in here . I got my KS 18 for eating road miles . If I were planning on riding in a crowded urban environment where slow speeds and sharp turns were common, I might consider a smaller diameter . I never really took too much notice of road and sidewalk imperfections till I started riding . There are bumps ,cracks, holes ,sticks everywhere! The 18 inch wheel makes a huge difference encountering these obstacles . As a larger person I would not be comfortable in a smaller wheel . Its worth the extra money to get a large motor and a large battery capacity. It's not just
  8. Weeks , not months is more usual . Also I think Will tends to lead his customers to believe a more pessimistic delivery schedule so people get their wheels a little sooner than they expect . I think it's a wise practice.
  9. I vote for ....... WHEELRIDER . I'd rather sound cool than cute .
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