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  1. Hi! I think just some clear info about what things do. Some well writing english manual. For example, It is impossible to find what is "madden mode" switching, etc, everything seems to be stuff that the community has discovered via trial an error. In this case since my crappy airwheel x3 tilts me back I assumed that was going to happen when the wheel was overpowered ...wrongly of course. I am fully recovered now
  2. It is because I thought the beeper was just about the speed (like as my cheap airwheel, that tilts and breaks you at 18 kmh). This one just stops balancing you.
  3. Yeah I will do that next time, takk!
  4. Yeah it is probably, I just bought an older wheel after liking riding in a super cheap airwheel x3, but I have no idea how a new battery pack will react. I could check individual cells, but runtime-wise I have ride about 25 km, in 1:40 hr. So I think the battery pack is not that unhealthy.
  5. There is space because the long range version of the same msuper v2 has 3 battery packs. Mine has 2 (so the opposite side of the controller has an empty space now)
  6. Can I do this? does anyone here sells batteries? I imagine it could be custom made packs (I have a spot welder) but since is a delicate thing, I would prefer to buy them premade.
  7. it is like 170 mt above my work place. Charging to 80 is challenging tho, because I only have the leds
  8. Oh damn! that is the reason, it is always starting to ride because I live in a hill. Thanks a lot!!!
  9. Hi! twice I have experienced some weirdness, usually going down hill: I feel that the wheel does not keep the balance (or it tilts more than normal backwards) and starts beeping when the tilt is too much and I have to stop and reset it. I tried calibrating it the first time, but the reset does the same. Why? It is a bit scary
  10. lol, yeah all scratches are real, im in overall muscular pain now. I just got this old cheap wheel to play with, it has been so enjoyable that I have been consider a newer one... but dont know, maybe this current max speed is safe enough. I might go too crazy if it was too powerful
  11. yeah I know, I just muffled it a lot so it was not that annoying (I actually installed a smaller one with a dab of glue). I will be more careful now just a couple of scratches rolling in the asphalt. Did not know the wheel was just going to "let me go", I was waiting for it to tilt me back instead... stupidly
  12. hi! I know it is retard what I did, I was just very annoyed by the beeping at about 26 km/h which felt very slow... the beeper is installed again and I will stay under 30 km/h.
  13. I see thanks :) I guess I could implement the functionality with an ESP32 to make it compatible... but it requires some involvement
  14. hi! I was quite excited buying an older wheel :> (I had an even older airwheel x3) but I see it is impossible to connect because it is BT2.0 Nothing I can do?
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