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  1. Welcome to the forum mate! Everyone here is very informative. Judging by your post I'm sure you will fit in just fine. You also have a great taste in wheels the V12 is a beauty
  2. Lmaoo that’s amazing! Also hot babe EUC picture… do you have one? Asking for a friend…
  3. Thanks for taking your time to explain. I think after I get the Xmas spending out the way I may bite the bullet and make a purchase. Is it an obsession when your dreams contain EUC’s??
  4. The even funnier part is some people have stated EUC actually helps them cure back problems etc which is amazing! I think everyone's experiences are different. EUC I really do believe is the future of compact transportation.
  5. I agreed with you on that. Suspension will act as a damper but further precautions and study's would need to be carried out to completely avoid these symptoms.
  6. Whilst i do understand your original point I don't think that source is the best for this use case. It is referring to damage due to seated mountain bikers. Where as an EUC you would rarely even be able to sit on those types of conditions. Regarding how it may affect your knees and ankles etc from your earlier point you are correct it will have some impact. However you can relate this to similar forces to a runner. Suspension of course will make it better but will never completely solve it. Your source actually backs up this point as most mountain bikers have full suspension bikes and they sti
  7. Hello! I believe I can answer a few of these for you! I use the V10F and i have to say the durability is amazing it is built like an absolute tank. I will use the past month as a snapshot. I have been riding and abusing my V10 on MTB trials. I have most recently had to bail off my wheel after using a high tyre pressure along a rocky descent. I forgot to reduce tyre pressure for offroad and the wheel began to bounce uncontrollably causing me to fly off (unharmed). The aftermath? Nothing! My wheel has the inmotion branded cover on it. The wheel has no cracks, no dents and only a tiny collection
  8. I have noticed that at some point you have owned a V10. Could you care to share if the V10 and the V12 are similar rides feel/style?
  9. I'm not sure about the v12 but with the v10F it is difficult to calibrate the wheel using a level as you have to use the front of the wheel and lean it on the ground in order to calibrate. Source: I get what you are saying about the wheel being overall level however typically in offroad mode the wheel can start off level but gradually lean back as you ride faster.
  10. Its all part of the fun! Congrats on your new wheel! I am not at all jealous ahah. Commuter is the "flow" mode at least for me really makes the wheel feel like its floating
  11. Now I could be wrong but from my experience with the V10F Offroad mode gradually has more and more tilt back the more speed you gain which i think is what you are experiencing. Give commuter a try and I'm pretty sure it will feel much better
  12. I would take a Harley sound as default for us Apple folk who don't have the pleasure of using EUC world ahah
  13. No honestly I'm glad you challenged! We are all here to learn and try and get the facts! I would much rather be corrected and know the true function . I would take knowledge over ego any day
  14. Reference as requested. Timestamp 10:52. In fairness he does not specifically name it as balance assist but it would make sense for that feature to be called that.
  15. let me try and find the reference. By all means i could be wrong.
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