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  1. @5Cauac Yikes! Did it resurrect itself, or still dead?
  2. I rented one for $50 a day, 2 Saturdays in a row to determine if I was cut out to ride on of these things (now I've got a 2nd one coming!). Used https://friendwitha.com/, found a gent in Golden with a 16X, got me hooked! $50/day, + a fee to the friendwitha company to cover insurance/theft, so ~$60? Found it a cheap way to get into the sport.
  3. I actually re-used the stock tube, as the E-Wheels fire kept me from finding a new one in a timely fashion.... 150 miles on it, no issues as yet. I've since sourced a smaller tube (thanks @5Cauac for the info), but it's sitting in a box atm.
  4. Ouch. I should'a looked on ebay before I ordered from Amazon.JP. Nice find! Certainly looks the part...
  5. Half-Life Alyx in VR is incredible (I'm a half-life junkie since the original). Plays well on the Quest2 with minimal hardware (mid-range PC and a decent video card, good 5-ghz router for wireless play). Wife and I play Eleven Table Tennis against each other, great for when it's snowing out (which it isn't yet in Denver, went for a ride in 65 degree weather today, in NOVEMBER, for pete's sake!).
  6. "The Bobiverse" series... https://www.amazon.com/Bobiverse-3-Book-Series/dp/B073DCB98Y
  7. Went for a ride yesterday, only 20ish miles, not much in the way of trails, and was down to 35% battery (best I've done on the stock tire is 40 miles @ 6% battery). Felt like I was going through battery quicker than with the stock tire, until I looked at my EUCWorld stats....I'm carrying a lot more speed now that I've been on the wheel for ~500 miles, and it finally dawned on me that I can't compare to earlier rides, where I was only running 15-20 mph, where now I'm up in the 22-25 mph range much more often. Long and short, I don't think my higher battery usage is due to the tire (much), ju
  8. Just hopped off after a 25 mile mixed paved/dirt. Oy, my legs/knees are tired! Getting more comfortable on-road turning, getting a LOT more comfortable off-road, period! I ran some trails that I'd tried w/the stock tire (and failed in a couple places), with the TR1 it just tracked, and climbed hills that were daunting before, if not downright not possible at my current skill level (which is to say, rookie skill level). Don't know if it's psychological, but it felt easier to get mounted uphill/downhill than with the stocker. Definitely used more battery than I usually do, but
  9. Turns out I dropped to 28 psi when I stopped to adjust, think I'll leave it alone for now (I swear I'm not a pound over 240!!)
  10. Just did my first "long" ride (10 miles or so) on the TR1....observations. Much better off-road. Hooks up like a trials tire should, grass/dirt/rocks, just handles it. Took a smooth(ish) dirt horse-trail at a nearby park that I'd done a while back, was able to crank it up comfortably over the stock tire, traction was great. Gonna take some getting used to on pavement/hard-pack. I went blazing into a paved corner I can usually arc around cleanly, and it dipped in early and almost sent me into a curb (yes, I forgot I was on a new tire). Feels a lot like when I went from cast to for
  11. I had read in another thread about someone pulling off the rubber hairs, so spent 15 minutes with a pair of curved modeling scissors snipping away. Left the middle strip, figure they'll wear out pretty quick!
  12. @Tawpie Just installed the TR1 (which showed up pleasantly early today), says "Trials" on the side....but not TR1ALS. Was expecting a fight after too many times changing dirt bike tires, turned out to be super easy! (admittedly, no bead to fight) I've pinched enough tubes learning how, managed to avoid it tonight🤪 Only rode it up and down the street for a few minutes, but as previously mentioned, it definitely changes the handling, going to have to relearn turning! @5CauacThanks for the inspiration/information.
  13. Very cool, glad they're staying put! I'll pick up some 401 and stick them down (tho I'm going to cheat on the top 4, hoping not to pull it that far apart again in the near future). Thank you sir!
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