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  1. The French forum uses the same software and have several options. So it should just be a matter of settings. The owner isn’t much around though still keeping the place up, to avoid bothering him with small claims maybe we could wait and group a few points. There is also the Veteran sub not showing up in the recent post section.
  2. There are no bad wheels nowadays*. If you didn’t like it and wanted an exchange after riding around with it I can understand the shop wouldn’t go with that. Possibly they should ideally be zen masters when dealing with public, but I can understand if they got annoyed if you insisted on an unreasonable favor. They should not have shouted. But there might have been a reason. We don’t know as we lack details. *edit: as in all models have their merits and public, not that they are failure proof or perfect.
  3. Sounds disrespectful toward gear and ressources to go on at such a rate. Rich frat bros? (edit: when I wrote this comment the first posts explaining the thing weren't there or I missed them)
  4. Seems the divide in opinion is whether the law of the buyers or the sellers country should apply. There must be some EU regulations regarding this. edit: or if warranty should be regulated at all.
  5. As long as the charger voltage isn’t overly high there should be no over charge; only wear of the cells due to the trickle charge. Leaving a bit longer than just green is ok to be sure the balancing got done. (Several hours seem too long though)
  6. The app is a bit crappy, sometimes creating an account for their online BS can help. Good luck. (Also going back and forth insisting a bit like Rolling says)
  7. 1230Km isn’t much at all, a rough estimation of battery wear gives 50km range* per cycle x 300 cycles before being down to 80% capacity = 15000Km. The rest of the EUC, save tyre and exceptions should withstand such a range. (* for the 840Wh KS16S)
  8. Yes but I prefer getting hit by a venting cell than to burn down the building. If the water isn't enough for the cells it will help reducing the spread. (I also have a ABC extinguisher that would go in the mix)
  9. Thank you for the timing details both, good to know in order to having an idea of strategy. (in my case drag onto balcony, douse with water (garden hose))
  10. If it went there yes, but it doesn’t communicate with the well at all.. (Sherman style) There is even tape between the shells to avoid water ingress.
  11. The fan is tilted away from the board and the heat sink, blowing onto the bottom curve of the wheel well. Being an axial fan it also doesn’t have much static pressure, which the kinked (small holes, angles) air flow would have needed.. (IMO)
  12. While I find the use of 126V promising for combining torque with speed, i could do without it as I rarely ride faster than 50Km/h. The 30S configuration also had me a bit worried but if the smart BMS was smart enough it might be doable(?) Just my 2c here, experimental and fast is nice but I’d go with the safer version given the choice. My main grief if it went down to 100.8V would be charging speed (Compensating for the smaller battery compared to the Sherman) not top speed. Tl/dr: If I bought the S20 it would be for riding far with the added comfort from the suspensions, hence 100.8
  13. Nice to see some more detailed hands on impressions as well as the inside. If only it turned out to be reliable and not catch fire I would be quite interested. (btw can’t remember to have seen this pic here, so in case:)
  14. Yes GW/BG and Veteran are the only brands that let you turn off tilt back entirely (or doesn’t even set it by default?). A friend of my dad wanted to try « how fast » a EUC could go and rode past the beeps right into face plant. Luckily it was an old MSuperV2 that doesn’t go all that fast..
  15. The latest conclusion I find in that thread is that the charger had been left exposed to water outside on a boat, hence a user error rather that faulty charger.
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