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  1. I have been a daily EUC commutor for the last two years. The only protection I use is wrist guards. I've had two full speed tumbles in this time but fortunately I never ride faster than I can run - top speed is 20kmh - and wrist guards saved me both times from anything more than cuts and scrapes. I no longer fear the dreaded faceplant injury at these speeds (although feel free to educate me). However, I do fear getting side swiped by crazy motorcyclists around here. This happened to my friend while on his motorbike and his helmet saved him. In short, I think I need a helmet to mitigate motorbike collision injuries. On that basis, what sort of helmets are appropriate? Other considerations - I want full sideways peripheral vision - would be nice if it can be reused for skiing trips or cycling, if appropriate The recent skiing helmet I borrowed seemed to be fairly appropriate. But what about cycling/blading helmets? Full face probably not necessary?
  2. The most important safety feature of the V5 is that its top speed is 20kph! Seriously though, that's one of the reasons I bought it. I can run 20kph and I didn't want to be tempted by a wheel that could go faster than that. I know I wouldn't be able to resist
  3. For those wanting to go faster than running speed (>20kph), well I'd love to do that one day actually. But when that day comes, you can sure I'd be fully kitted in body armor and head/chin protection! Under running speed, I feel okay only having wrist guards, even after this accident. When I got up, I found my V5D wedged into the metal barrier between the bicycle lane and the car lanes. The only new damage is a sizeable dent into the pedal (probably that hit the barrier first). It looked okay, so I got up and went back riding as if nothing happening. (A few hours on without adrenaline, those bruises are pretty achey...). I'm assuming nothing else bad has happened but I don't know how to do more than a cursory check on the EUC anyway.
  4. I got lucky today. I've been commuting on my EUC for nearly a year. Before today, the worst was getting bumped off the EUC but landing on my feet with no issue for myself. Today I was cruising at top speed of 20kph on my Inmotion V5D, watching a blaring ambulance in the opposite direction pass by, meaning my attention missed the huge bump in the path. As I was launched off, I luckily managed two steps on my legs but the high speed meant I couldn't keep forward balance so I was into a faceplant. But saved by having wrist guards, which took the brunt of the fall and then took most of the sliding damage I slid forward. I escaped with minor cuts and bruises on my elbow and torso from the slide. I got away with it because I stuck to these principles I believed in before and believe in even more now Do not ride faster than you can run. I can run at 20kph. This minimizes injuries to what happens if you trip over running If you had to pick ONE piece of equipment to use, ALWAYS wear wrist guards No matter how experienced you are, you never be complacent Stay safe everyone! I learned a painful lesson today.
  5. I got a 15% discount on my new Inmotion during the China November equivalent sales (double 11, they have here). Discounts likely in other countries
  6. Reviving an old thread for an update! So since the Shanghai ban in 2016, frankly not much happened. I've spent the last month or two commuting to work in Shanghai on my EUC, including bringing it on the metro. Noone cares. However, two things may change that. Firstly, a new ban has come into Beijing - thx @z3n for the news update And the China premier is visiting Shanghai this weekend and I'm told there is news on a traffic regulation crackdown. If anyone has anymore news about what may be happening in Shanghai either imminently or in the future, please do post!
  7. Got any references to this? I know everything was banned 2 years ago but isn't being enforced. Right now there is no practical issue but a major traffic crack down is planned in Shanghai from this weekend due to VIP visitors. If ever enforcement will happen´╝îthis coming week is it! For that reason, I'm waiting to clear past next week before upgrading. (also hoping to get 11/11 discount)
  8. The trolley handle really is likely a must (even if it is an extra paid accessory) because I've otherwise got several hundred meters in the metro and office area where I can't ride and even 7.5kg of dragging it around is going to be a pain. The engine cutoff is a relative nice to have because my journey has lots of areas of short flights of stairs and it's getting very tiresome switching on/off just for a few seconds. Based on the above, IPS i5 (give or take trolley issue) and the Luffy are added to my shortlist, assuming I can source them in China easily! Will also look at MCM5 Slightly offtopic but I just don't understand how the Luffy can get to such a high speed on just a 350W motor without cutouts! It might be some speed/torque trade-off but still makes me wonder whether it is safe or other brands are really conservative about top speeds. Thanks for the thoughts! Seems no votes for the original V5D or S2 suggestions though... people don't like those for some reason?
  9. I think I'm with you on this point... my journey is only 10km a day, hence the desire to get 20km of range so I'll never fret about going hard for the 10km before I recharge. I'm actually struggling to find official sellers for Gotway and King Song within China. jd.com is my goto in China where they have Ninebot, Inmotion and other brands but Gotway/KS aren't there. I can't see them in tmall either. Would be good at least to compare prices. Would be great if you someone has links. (For reference, the NB S2 and V5D are both priced at about 3300 RMB, but "double eleven" is coming which may knock 10% or more off the price)
  10. I suppose if you're after a power to weight ratio, then you'd need to go for a smaller wheel with a powerful motor. I'm also looking in that direction but I'm happy to cap myself at 25kmh so I have more choices. The Gotways seem to have these giant power rated motors and can attach themselves to smaller 10" or 14" wheels.
  11. It seems I'd be wasting my money on things like the MCM5/KS14D with these huge batteries and ranges when I only need at most 20km of range and I'll never want to go above 25kmh anyway. Unless there is something compelling to justify a huge price hike. I may not be on a budget but I still want value for money! The Inmotion v5d and Ninebot S2 seem to be the best value that fit the criteria that I've seen so far... With the m10 a possibility for a spurge choice if I'm brave enough to go for a 10" wheel
  12. Wow... I just looked it up - thanks for the pointer. Yes, that does fit all the criteria and then some! What a set of awesome specs... for a price. I think the main issue would be how stable a 10" wheel would be at those speeds going across the odd bumps in the road. Even the idea of dropping from 16" to 14" took a bit of self-convincing originally.
  13. Hi all, Help me choose the right EUC to buy! I'm currently living in Shanghai, China and have been a happy owner of the Ninebot One C (2016 China version). Whilst my EUC was previously for fun, I moved home and it is now an integral part of my daily commute to work. I ride it to the metro station (just over 2km away), carry it onto the metro, then ride it to the office (another 2km) and carry it into the office. A roundtrip total of about 8km a day. The main issues I have are that the 16kmh top cruising speed is a bit low for serious commute and the 16" while is both heavy and cumbersome for carrying into the metro. I guess a 14" would work better. Based on this the criteria I think I have in mind are A lighter smaller wheel, e.g around 12kg weight, which probably means a 14" wheel Higher power for higher top speed. E.g. at least 500W motor, for at least 20kmh cruising. I don't believe in riding faster than I can run so a peak 25kmh would be tops Carry handle with engine cut-off, trolley handle are must, either built in or as accessories A bit pretty... I love the look of my current Ninebot One On sale in China Range is not important Budget is not important From my initial look around, the most options that seem best fit are Inmotion V5F - except it isn't on sale in China, otherwise it seems perfect Inmotion V5D - except there are issues with the spec Ninebot One S2 Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  14. Reviving an old thread as I'm in a very similar boat to the OP... A happy owner for a Ninebot One C looking at the V5x for a change. I live in Shanghai/China so would be buying locally here The V5F specs seem fairly consistent 550W motor 320 kWh 25 kmh max speed However, the V5D specs are unclear. Looking at the ones on jd.com (e.g. https://item.jd.com/3794522.html) 500W motor? (The websites are vague on this) 320 kwH 20 kmh max speed Obviously I'm concerned about having a much lower top speed. Anyone know what the deal is in China?
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