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  1. I have a bunch new parts that have been sitting in my storage for years. New motors, pads, shells and many more than I care to mention. I hate to throw them out but I am tired of sitting on them. I am in the bay area cali if anyone wants it before the y get tossed.
  2. I use to own Forward California and still Have all of the brand-new parts for repairing these units. Motors shells ect. Try to free up space in my storage and would like to get rid of it all if any one is interested.
  3. Was it the Santa Rosa or Fairfield Mall that you saw them at the Kiosk?
  4. That was a great time. It was nice to meet you all. I can't wait to see the pics!
  5. BotCali

    how bad is it?

    yes that crack won't effect any part of your wheel.
  6. BotCali

    how bad is it?

    Or you can replace that side. The sell them. i know Forwardca.com has them available even though they don't have them on there website yet. The wheel and motor underneath are sealed units. So it will just be a cosmetic thing.
  7. I purchased an Ninebot one E+ from them. It took 30 days to get here and when I opened and used it I quickly realized it was much slower than My other wheel. I sent the serial number in to Ninebot and they informed me it was an E not and E+ which was $240 less. They would not refund my money for the difference between the 2 models and refused to acknowledge the mistake even after I had Ninebot send an email directly to them. I will never purchase anything from those crooks again. I would recommend buying locally if possible so you won't have that problem and you can have your warranty work done here if need be. Its expensive to send it all the way back to China to have a repair done. I hope this helps.
  8. What they did to me is they covered the serial number with an E+ sticker. I contacted the factory and they informed me that it was a E and not an E+. They would not refund the money difference between the E and the E+. They look the same and if I didn't already have an E+ and could tell it was noticeably slower i wouldn't have known any difference. I have heard of some of these Chinese companies doing this so don't get burned like me. Theres a pic of the sticker that was over the serial number.
  9. Make sure they have service center here in the US. These do have problems and if anything goes wrong you either have to pay a US distributor to fix it or you have to send it back to China to have the warranty work done. I bought one from electric unicycle online and they gave me an E instead of and E+ and wouldn't trade it out. So just make sure you do your research and stay away from the scammers.
  10. Wow you got your P fast! Sounds like a big improvement I can't wait to try one.
  11. Thats awesome! I was thinking about doing that with a ghost costume. The trick was getting the costume fixed so the bottom doesn't get sucked into the wheel. So I did a storm trooper instead.
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