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  1. To be honest i was in your position when i was looking to buy my first wheel. I did as you have done and relentlessly watched YT vids and joined forums. You are a similar age and weight to myself (im 45 and weigh around 110kg). After all my questions and researching i came down on 1 of 2 wheels, either the KS16X or the Nikola 84v. In the end i was really lucky to find a great, used Nikola which ive had now for about 3 months. Its been a steep learning curve but the bigger tyre (its actually closer to 17 inch rather than 16) and the weight give it great stability. Yes it
  2. Well the end of the month is here and im still loving learning to ride. I can now manage a straight(ish) run of 1/4 mile or so in 1 go without any spills or stops. Just need to get mounting sorted now and then there'll be no stopping me!!!
  3. Im very new to the EUC world and im still learning but from what you are saying all i hear is that you are prepared to push out an insuperior wheel so that the early buyers will test it for you and you will learn from those issues and the 2nd and 3rd batches will have the improved quality. Sorry but that completely puts me off buying a 1st production wheel at the same price that a 2nd or 3rd batch will cost but they will have significantly less issues. That doesnt sit right with me and smacks of profit over customer care. I would rather wait the extra year for you guys to do the te
  4. I had the same issues when i was looking for my first wheel too. In the end i managed to get a used Nikola for £700 & ive gotta say as a learner its a great wheel and to be honest i dont think i will outgrow it ever. Yes, i may buy other wheels in the future but im loving the Nikola!!!
  5. As a noob im still trying to figure out foot placement on the pads. Am i best sticking my feet as close to the wheel as possible or do i go for what feels most comfortable?
  6. Think the question should be..... what is right with Shane, be a quick topic though
  7. Im already a dork and yet to learn how to ride, will i still be a dork or will i be promoted to nerd?
  8. I threw up in my mouth just a little bit when i pictured that 🤮
  9. Day 3 of practice done and i can mount and dismount just using one hand & the wall, ive also managed a few 5 metre or so rides without any help. Its gonna be a slow process but im loving it!!!
  10. You are doing really well!!! Im on day 3 and til my protection arrives i cant do much other than mount/dismount next to a wall and rock back and forth a little, though i have managed a short 5 metre ride with no wall. Like you i watched tons of YT videos but convinced myself id have it in minutes lol.
  11. Hey guys, im a new EUC rider and have just bought a used Nikola. I know there are a number of apps about but which app would be best and easiest for me to use? I have no idea how to set my EUC up and at the mo im learning with whatever settings the guy i got it from had set up.
  12. Well after all the deliberations i went with a Nikola (used) at a great price. Think it will serve me well and its got enough ooomph to keep me going til i think of my next wheel lol. Oh yeah, better learn how to ride it first!!!!!!
  13. Well after months of research and watching all the great vids on YouTube i finally bit the bullet and bought my first EUC. A lovely used Gotway Nikola is now in my possesion. Just one question What the heck do i do now? Lol Hints, tips, tricks for a newbie very welcomed.
  14. Thanks, i have seen the 16x and do like the look of the wheel and have been advised its a great wheel to learn on too. Been offered a used MSP HT at a good price but think it could be too much as a starter wheel.
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