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  1. Hello. I got a strange problem with my MSP HT. When power cable is connected no matter if i press any buttons the front lights are on and the Bluetooth seems to be active. All while the wheel is off. I can connect to the wheel via Bluetooth but i get no stats. Power button is not responding at all, can't turn the light off nor can I turn the wheel on. Nothing happens when i press the power button. I've tried cutting the power by unplugging the battery, that ofc shuts the light off and the Bluetooth, but as soon as I plug it back in the lights come on and i
  2. Thanks for the answers guys, your answers show pretty much what I was thinking. The pads are truly amazing when riding over bumps etc, but other then that they feel more like a hazard for me Will be putting them on a shelf for now, and look back at them with more experience
  3. Hello Im quite a new rider, and picked up an MSP HT 100v as my first wheel. Seeing tons of recommendations to buy pads as a beginner i went ahead and bought the Red Trail Jump pads from Sai. They fit the wheel like a glow and seems really good and durable. But i have a problem, i have set the pads as high as possible on the wheel without it sticking out on the top, but i feel like my shoes needs force to be put in place, which as a beginner makes balance hell 😅 Is this how jump pads are supposed to be? I'm a size 46-47 (12/13 us shoe size) are my feet to big for t
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