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  1. I run clark pads gen 3 with leatt dual axis knee guards. It is perfectly fine, I don't even think about it.
  2. It should be as easy as buying the pack and plugging it in (making sure that they are both at the same voltage). The 16s board should have two battery connectors 3 pin xt60 (one per pack). The packs themselves should have two connectors (one 3pin xt60 and one little red one with a single wire). You might also need the red wire that goes between the packs, it is literally a single red wire. It would help if you could attach pictures so we can see if you have all the connectors there or not. You may want to change the firmware too so you don't get speed throttling too early (not necessary)
  3. still working for me. https://www.ewheels.com/shop/
  4. They use the 900wh 21700 packs. I may be wrong, but I think they were the first wheels to use the 900wh packs (and 21700 cells in general). It's either the MSP or Nikola that used them first.
  5. You would need new L hangers at the very least. The bolt pattern is different for matching up to the motor.
  6. They could rig up some solar panels that they found, build a few diy wind turbines, use gas powered generators, and scavenge from car batteries (which they could raid, or just steal from crashed enemy vehicles). This should definitely be a movie.
  7. I think there's actually 3 generations. 1. big bore motor, no lcd, no board cover, really early ones had lower pedal hangers 2. big bore motor, lcd, mother board cover 3. small bore motor, black board, lcd, rs logo and speaker switch sides.
  8. I am incredibly saddened to see this. Iv'e bought two amazing wheels from them, and there was never a doubt in my mind as to who I would be buying my next wheel from. Iv'e always received top notch customer service from ewheels, and I have never seen this level of service in any other business. It would be real sad to see ewheels go. With all the help Iv'e received from them, I would love to help out with a gofundme. I hope you take your time to think this through, Jason, and make the choice that is ultimately best for you and your future.
  9. What a monumental upgrade!!! 1mph! State of the art batteries that have been used for almost two years in eucs!!! and an upgraded mystery voltage!!! As usual they are half of what an euc is at the same price. Half as fast as an Rs, half the range, probably less than half the power. Only thing that isn't half seems to be the build quality. I wouldn't be talking smack if it went 25-30 mph but it doesn't. The pint x looks much better. Similar specs to xr but only $1400. This one's actually starting to look like a fair value. To be fair, I think it is good that they are introducing new m
  10. If the companies wanted to they could easily use them. They could go above the wheel or on the side. The sides don't have to be completely flat, they would only have to be 1 or 2 cm wider on each side (compared to 21700 packs), and it could be slimmer where your legs go (and put controller and other components there). Its definitely possible.
  11. Ewheels, Euco, and Alien Rides all seem to be great places to buy a wheel. I have personally used ewheels for both my wheels and have been incredibly impressed with the customer service and care they put to make sure the customer is satisfied. I have heard good things about the other two as well, but haven't bought from them.
  12. The thing is, there seems to be more money in the big fast wheels. The people who only want 20mph will buy a 16s and then probably not buy anymore wheels. There is no reason for them to innovate on a wheel that works fine for that. The speed junkie is constantly buying the newest fastest wheel. Plus there is way more hype surrounding the fast wheels. How much hype was there surrounding the V8s? none. How about the s20? or the v12? alot.
  13. 1. Not that I know of. The prices will probably keep rising due to various shortages and more demand for EUCs. 2. I don't think either of them have twin charge ports. Their batteries are too small to safely support twin chargers anyways. If you want to charge fast I would get a fast charger. 5A is probably the max I charge at, and you can get 5A fast chargers for both wheels. This only requires a single charge port. 3. I personally would get the v8s because it is a newer design and from Inmotion. The difference in motor power and battery size seems to be negligible between it and the
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