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  1. @Stefan Eekenulv- thank you for writing these up. I often feel like I am skiing and doing moguls as I ride, even uphill - nice to hear it’s not just me! Now onto the half figure 8…
  2. What @RockyTopsaid! Seems like something non-obvious to us newbies.
  3. @Waulnut, @Pengloong- thanks for the help. It was locked… it seems running the app temporarily unlocks it. I knew about the lock mode but ignored the the Unlock button, thinking it was a bug in the app, since I had unlocked it previously and it worked w n running the app. Fixed now.
  4. Hi - I’ve had an S18 for about a week. It seems that I need to power it on AND connect to it from the KingSong app before it will ride. Is there a way to simply turn it on and ride without using an app?
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