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  1. why are you selling it? I guess the buyer has to pay for the shipping? I'm in Canada
  2. Thanks! I will stay away from it for now then... Maybe save for the S20
  3. I am thinking if I should get Tesla V3 for the rainy weather. Another option I had in mind is V11 (I know V11 is definitely not as good as V12's waterproof level) Any suggestion?
  4. Those pads look great! What's the infill density and thickness of the wall that you use for TPU? I have only printed with PETG before
  5. I got my first 3D printer recently What density and pattern should I use for 3D printing powerpads? I am going to use TPU Thank you!
  6. It works for my Sherman. Just need to use the 3 types of washers to adjust
  7. FREEMOTION CNC ANODIZED ALUMINIUM PEDALS For sale - $200 CAD (Retail for $250 + tax) Used them twice A little scratch on one of the pedals at the bottom
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